Killing two mosquitos with one strike: react faster and save licence fees with IT outsourcing

René Wagenhäuser
Two flies which stand for the central advantages of It outsourcing.

For many companies, the long wait finally came to an end in August 2021, when the final version of Windows Server 2022 was released. They now benefit from a new level of flexibility through increased cooperation with Microsoft Azure and a closer link with Kubernetes. In addition, operation is now even more secure. However, the licences are already around ten percent more expensive than the 2019 version and a further price jump is still expected.

Significant price rise

Software licences can still be purchased via the Open License Programme until 31 December 2021. From 2022, this service will be discontinued and new licence purchases can only be made via Cloud Solution Providers (CSP). The licence business via CSP will probably lead to a significant price increase, as the licences are currently more than 30 percent more expensive there than the usual purchase price from distributors.

Windows support phases as a decision-making aid for the changeover

Not only the price increase, but also the support phase of the current system should be included in the decision for or against a changeover. Windows offers different types of support for all server systems. Depending on the support level of a company's server system, an upgrade is particularly worthwhile. Depending on the size and number of systems, costs in the four-digit range can be saved by switching to a new server system in good time.


  • mainstream support: Starts with the product launch and runs for just over five years. In this support phase, security updates are provided and the product is further developed, i.e. functions are regularly added or improved.
  • Extended Support: Runs for a further five years after the end of mainstream support. This support level includes security updates without any further development of the product itself. This includes, for example, improved or new functions.
  • Extended Security Update (ESU): Windows offers ESU for systems that still need to be operated after Extended Support has expired. Due to the high costs for licences and no free technical support, continued operation in the ESU is not recommended in most cases.

Especially when Extended Support is about to expire, it is high time to take action. This will affect the following systems in the next two years:


End of Extended Support

Windows SQL Server 2012 12 July 20222
Windows Server 2012 & R2 10 October 2023
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 11 April 2023

Best infrastructure and cost savings through IT outsourcing

Many IT departments try to provide the latest and best infrastructure and save costs at the same time. Often one is at the expense of the other. Desktop virtualisation from cloud service providers kills two birds with one stone by taking over the effort once for all customers. Here, the server infrastructure is outsourced to powerful terminal environments and the number of physical application and infrastructure servers is significantly reduced. Powerful desktop PCs can be dispensed with, because access takes place from the cloud via a thin client. In order to be able to react flexibly to company changes at any time, desktop virtualisation usually works via a rental model with monthly billing per workstation.

Profitably outsource the development of a new IT landscape

If companies build a new IT infrastructure themselves, they have to estimate the future development of the next four to five years and provide for excess capacity. These cause unnecessary costs because they are often not fully utilised. Desktop virtualisation also scores here. Companies can flexibly expand or reduce resources - the IT landscape is thus always precisely tailored. Costs for unused resources are eliminated.

In addition to the cost savings for unused resources, a shared infrastructure in the data centre is cheaper for everyone involved. On the one hand, this concerns maintenance and, on the other, Microsoft licensing (SPLA licensing), which is not limited to versions.


Valuable input from external service providers

Companies that operate their own IT landscape should currently take a close look at the new Windows licensing models and the expiring extended support for Windows servers. Above all, if a new IT infrastructure is being planned, the advantages of desktop virtualisation should definitely be considered in order to save capacities and costs and to be able to react flexibly to changes at any time. An external service provider can often provide valuable input here.

René Wagenhäuser
René Wagenhäuser
Teamlead IT-Services

The authorized signatory and state-certified electrical engineer specializing in data processing technology has been responsible for IT infrastructure, logistics IT and digitization for over 15 years. It is particularly important to him that systems integrate flexibly and agilely into the customer's IT landscape.

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