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You cannot afford any disconnections in the supply chain. We will network your sites and set up your LANs so that you can work without equipment problems.

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  • WAN backup
  • High-availability LAN
  • Securely networked
  • Certified structured cabling
  • 365-day monitoring
  • Next-generation firewall

WAN and LAN consulting

We will provide comprehensive guidance on WAN and LAN implementations at your logistics sites. In the process, we will factor special logistics requirements into our planning, including advancing digitalisation, high availability and 356-day monitoring with 24/7 support. We will find the ideal provider and the optimal internet speed for you. We also provide WAN backups to ensure a lasting connection to your sites so that your business can continue running on the same fast, reliable network despite local malfunctions.

LAN implementation

Following in-depth planning, we will implement all the hardware components to build a reliable, highly available LAN. We will set up the switches so that if one component fails, you can continue to work without any drop in performance. Our management software will automatically register a new switch and integrate it into the network. We use VLAN to virtually separate your networks and thus improve security, flexibility and performance.

Secure site network

Logistics collaborations now extend over ever-greater distances and involve ever more participants. However, implementing, configuring and maintaining each site separately would be a hugely involved, error-prone endeavour. We will set up virtual private networks (VPN) to ensure that your sites are securely networked even over long distances. If a new site is added, we can configure new routers easily via zero-touch deployment. In addition, we will secure the internet connection so that outsiders cannot eavesdrop on your communications. Rights management allows you to define who has access to what company data. It lets everyone access the data in real time while integrating your supply chains even more effectively. If your sites are within visual range, we can also connect them wirelessly.

Structured cabling

Are you planning a new building or renovating a site? Not a problem! We can plan and run your structured cabling with our certified partners. We take account of future developments because the cabling will be expected to do more and more as digitalisation takes off and data volumes skyrocket.

Monitoring your networks at all times

We use our software to monitor your connections and take action before they fail. The software also allows us to easily and automatically configure the individual switches and access points and integrate new components into the network.

Screen of a VPN network in detail.

VPN networking in detail

We use site-to-site VPNs to ensure optimal load distribution at your sites. In other words, we will connect your site's network to the network in the data centre. Since the connection runs through a VPN gateway, local end-user devices can do without their own VPN tunnel and the data centre shoulders most of the connection load. We will work with you to determine what hardware and internet speed you need for your operations to run smoothly, taking into account your growth, budget and future plans.

Using our monitoring software, we will monitor your load distribution and application performance and ensure maximum failure safety. It also helps keep service calls at your sites to a minimum.
If you access your data from off-site, simply connect your client to the data centre using VPN client software, i.e. a client-to-site VPN. We use strong encryption to block unauthorised individuals from accessing your data.

Next-generation firewall
Securing networks

Don't leave your IT security to chance – use next-generation firewalls.

Implementing firewalls

We will implement a firewall that meets your exact needs to secure your data communications with the outside world.

Data analysis down to the last detail

Data packets are analysed in detail and checked against databases of known spam sites.

High performance with strong protection

You continue to enjoy super performance, unaffected by in-depth data analyses.

Isolation of infected systems

Compromised systems are immediately detected and isolated by our firewall solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Next-Generation Firewall and how does it work?

A firewall protects computers, servers or applications from unauthorised access. The next-generation firewall belongs to the third generation and can identify and block even sophisticated cyberattacks. It is directly integrated into hardware or software and uses further security measures in addition to close-meshed checking of ports and protocols.