Mobile device management

For managing mobile logistics devices.

Using our MDM solution, we centralise the management of mobile devices for freight forwarders, courier and express service providers and other fleet operators.

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  • Remote maintenance by professional IT staff
  • Monitoring of device service life
  • Comprehensive security solution
  • Automatic software updates
  • Proactive monitoring of battery health and other parameters
  • Full integration into corporate network

MDM for transport and logistics

Portable data terminals make life easier on the road and on the warehouse floor, giving you the business mobility you need. It's hard to imagine doing any aspect of logistics without these little helpers – whether order picking, deliveries or returns. But who wants to worry about these expensive devices? That's why we handle registrations, configurations, provisioning and, in an emergency, remote device locking or wiping using our mobile device management software.

MDM as a managed service

For medium-sized and large logistics companies that operate multi-site networks, our managed service for mobile devices is definitely the more economical alternative to managing them in-house. We provide central, proactive real-time management of your heterogeneous infrastructure, including tablets, scanners, smartphones and vehicle terminals. You reduce the workload on your IT staff and hand off the responsibility to us as your managed service provider (MSP). Your users can get help from our support staff if included in the scope of services.

Device and data security

Mobile device management (MDM) offers the perfect way to protect your devices and data by centrally managing all end-user devices such as tablets or smartphones. This is particularly the case if the devices are used for both work and play. We can, for example, use MDM to enforce the use of strong passwords or prevent the use of certain functions and apps. This drastically reduces cybersecurity risks. We also support you in complying with applicable data protection guidelines such as the GDPR.

What is MDM? And how does it work?

Digitalisation has reached all areas of life, including the transport and logistics industry. In order picking or outbound goods, for example, mobile devices are increasingly being used to track the status of orders and shipments. Shift work poses a very special challenge in this respect. Devices change users frequently and battery status is not necessarily at the front of people's minds when their workday is almost over.
Scheduled charging cycles ensure that your devices are ready for use without having to keep vast backup units on hand. Mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, terminals, scanners or other devices on the forklifts need to be checked and managed centrally.

Mobile device management enables IT administrators to keep an eye on everything and be proactive. Users are notified promptly when their battery is drained.
Centralised management keeps an inventory of all devices – software updates and configurations are done remotely. For mobile device management (MDM) to work, an agent has to be installed on the end-user devices to communicate with an on-premise or cloud-based server.

Completely under control
Enterprise mobility management

Protect your company data from unauthorised access.

Increased productivity

Device registrations, configurations and software deployments can be centrally automated. Rollouts are done remotely.

All devices in one overview

Our software lets our IT teams track the status of all in-house and third-party devices at all times.

Efficient device management

We proactively monitor and manage software licences and battery charges and receive notifications of impending failures.

Reliable device location

Real-time position and route tracking of mobile devices on a visual map.

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