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Connected building systems let you centrally manage system protection and access control systems.

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Smart logistics

You want your building complex to be secure. Strict security measures are needed to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering the premises, gaining access to offices or warehouses or even accessing security-relevant equipment such as Wi-Fi access points. These measures begin with controlling truck access using long-range readers, continue with the protection of special storage areas for high-priced goods and extends to turnstiles and access control via radio frequency identification (RFID). The individual components communicate with each other through bus systems. All this is controlled centrally by software that can be used to easily and granularly grant or revoke authorisations, document times and log access events. It is also possible to define rules to process inputs from all areas and, for example, not allow the entrance door to open until the alarm system is disarmed.

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Structured network cabling

Are you planning to build a new facility or expand your logistics space? We will help you plan redundant structured network cabling for entire floors and buildings. At the building level, we position the switches to ensure their optimal distribution throughout the premises. At the floor level, we incorporate as many wall jacks as you require while allowing for future expansion. This approach avoids unnecessary costs for additional cabling down the road. We work with our partners to install future-proof network cabling in your building, taking account of maximum cable lengths, materials and exacting quality requirements.

Systemised access: camera surveillance for superior building security

To provide complete protection, we can add cameras to burglar alarm systems in important areas on your premises such as exits, windows or gates. They seamlessly document what happens on your premises and can directly notify your security service or the police in the event of a break-in. If something is stolen, you can easily and quickly evaluate the damage through the system and pass on the information.

Track packages at the warehouse with camera location systems

We recommend using a camera system with locating and tracking functionality so that you can seamlessly document the condition of your goods. To accomplish this, we will install cameras and locators throughout the warehouse that cover different viewing areas. That way, the locations and visual images of all packages can be captured during scans. If a consignee has not received their goods or notices damage on the package, you can prove what the goods looked like when they left the warehouse. Working with our partners, we will help you plan and implement a locator camera system that fits your needs. When used with the EIKONA Cargo Handling module, it provides the perfect combination of software and hardware.

Connected building systems: lower energy costs with smart logistics

Connected building systems allow companies to centrally manage their system protection and access controls and increase safety and security in the process. Components such as heating, ventilation, lighting and photovoltaics can, if integrated, also be managed intelligently by, say, switching off the lights at a certain time if the access control system indicates that all employees have left the building. In addition to setting off an alarm, the system can also turn on floodlights if someone enters the premises without authorisation. If you are interested in carbon-neutral intralogistics, there are battery charging systems that use PV technology. You can free yourself from the power grid when handling peak loads, such as during shift changes, by charging forklifts with surplus power from the PV system.

Outdoor and indoor video surveillance provides additional protection and helps locate load carriers more quickly.
If you wish, we can even install RFID-based access control systems that can be opened or closed with a transponder and a chip. We will also be happy to install intercom and alarm systems to ensure superior building security.

Increased security
and system protection

Connecting all building system components in your logistics operation.

Uninterruptible power supply

Ensuring an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and protection against power failure with central UPS systems for your servers.

Fire and fault alarm systems

We will plan, install and monitor your fire protection and fault alarm equipment. The connected alarm systems detect hazards such as cable breaks and monitor themselves through routine calls.We will plan, install and monitor your fire protection and fault alarm equipment. The connected alarm systems detect hazards such as cable breaks and monitor themselves through routine calls.

Energy management

Smart building management makes your office more environmentally friendly and saves costs and resources. For example, the following components can be managed centrally: heating, lighting, windows, blinds, ventilation and air conditioning.

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Reliably secure access control and locking systems

  • Burglar alarm systemsAn intelligent, effective and connected burglar alarm system reduces your risk of burglary.
  • Barrier and gate controlWe provide powerful control systems with long-range RFID components or an intelligent camera with number plate recognition to speed up processes in your yard even more.
  • Electronic access control and locking systemsOur access control and locking systems are absolutely secure and can be easily integrated into your IT control system.
EIKONA Logistics Schäflein AG
Sebastian Paliege, Managing Director of Schäflein Logistics GmbH and Schäflein Industrieservice GmbH
We used EIKONA to integrate our burglar alarm system with an access control and camera system. That way, we can monitor our site during off-peak hours. Any unusual access event, whether authorised or not, is checked and reported to the warehouse manager. This has made our warehouses much more secure.
Sebastian Paliege, Managing Director of Schäflein Logistics GmbH and Schäflein Industrieservice GmbH

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Frequently asked questions

Do our customers need an account to be able to locate their shipment?

We offer both options: Customers can track anonymously without logging in. They just have to enter the package/shipment number and postal code. Logged-in users have more advanced search and filter options. They can filter multiple shipments, find older shipments with one click and manually or automatically export data to Excel.

Can displayed information as well as functions be designed differently depending on the role (e.g. shipping partner, receiving partner, customer)?

We have developed a role system based on many years of experience with our logistics customers and have integrated it by default. It can be readily customised and adapted to your needs and preferences.