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Host logistics software securely and reliably in the EIKONA data centre.

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Outsource applications quickly and securely

More and more companies are hiving off individual IT functions from their operations and outsourcing them. This makes sense in that it eliminates all the administrative effort. At EIKONA, we provide reliable application hosting. You shift your logistics applications and software to our servers. We ensure constant accessibility, operation, monitoring and, if required, round-the-clock support.

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How application hosting works

As an application service provider (ASP), we make your software solutions conveniently available to you over the internet. You can focus on your logistics business while we manage and monitor your applications and data. We assume operational responsibility for your applications when we start hosting. We provide the complete high-availability infrastructure, from storage and server resources to backups. We will also handle licence management, application support and update management for your applications, depending on your needs. That way, your employees only have one point of contact for all their needs.

Ideal addition to your IT department

By hosting your applications, we reduce your IT staff's workload so they can concentrate on their actual tasks. Rolling out a new software solution is tremendously involved for the users – and for the IT department, who has to install the application, set up a backup and perform regular security checks. Logistics companies often lack the resources to develop sufficient knowledge about new applications in addition to handling their core tasks. We can help by providing full support or assisting your IT specialists in specific areas, depending on your needs. Application hosting also eliminates the need to invest in expensive hardware or in its monitoring, security and maintenance. Since they are centrally stored on our servers, your cloud-based applications are accessible to your employees at any time or place, including from home.

IT security that meets strict standards

The servers and applications at our data centre are well-protected against hacker attacks by high-availability firewalls, DDoS protection and antivirus programs. We also offer various backup models to protect you from data loss. We employ enterprise hardware and deeply redundant IT infrastructure so that our systems are high-performance, high-availability and state-of-the-art. Our specialists can implement special configurations at any time. That also applies to software or hardware extensions. In addition, we will coordinate a contingency plan with you so that, if worse comes to worst, you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Step by step
Application hosting

Planning and consulting

Whether you want to create redundancies through application hosting or ease the workload on your IT staff, we will host your applications and software solutions in the way that best suits your logistics processes. We begin by clarifying your hardware requirements and storage needs as well as backup plans, performance and availability. If necessary, we also contact the software manufacturer directly to clarify technical questions and supply the best solution on this basis.

Installation and licence management

We continue by installing your applications on our servers in the ISO 27001-certified EIKONA data centre and make them accessible to you via client, web application or desktop virtualisation. We also handle licence management for you by renewing licences, adding new ones and canceling unused ones. Obviously, you can also manage licenses yourself.

Support and operation

Your business runs 24/7, which is why we provide support around the clock, too. If you have a problem, we will help you quickly and painlessly. In addition, we handle backups and updates as well as the constant monitoring of your applications. This enables us to identify problems before they arise and take proactive action. If the issue lies in the software itself, we will contact the vendor directly to resolve it as quickly as possible so you can focus your attention on your logistics business.


One-stop Application Hosting

  • Ideal hardware conditions
  • Updates and data backup
  • Flexible storage solutions
  • Software maintenance
  • Reliable monitoring
  • High security standards

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Application hosting
for logistics

Software is not only costly to purchase. Time, money and manpower also have to be invested further down the road. The following factors may be involved in software maintenance, for example:

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Certain applications require specific hardware conditions. If these conditions are not met, the applications will not work well or at all. In this case, you will have to upgrade or even replace your hardware.


Software problems require an immediate response in the form of reorganising databases or restructuring indexes. This kind of work calls for deep expertise that has to be maintained through regular training and constant use.


You need to update and patch your application regularly so that your employees and customers always have the latest and most secure version.

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Data backup

To protect against data loss, you should set up recurring data backups and check them for consistency regularly. You should also perform regular disaster recovery tests to be well prepared for a failure.

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Storage space

Since software is constantly increasing memory requirements, you have to always provide an appropriate amount of memory.


Sensitive operational and customer data is often processed in one piece of software. To prevent it falling into the wrong hands, you need to protect it from viruses and hackers at various levels.

Software monitoring
by logistics experts

Application monitoring is essential to ensuring optimal workflows.

Collect status data

Our monitoring software constantly collects health and status data on the applications hosted in the data centre.

Recognise deviations

If there are deviations from the normal range, we are immediately notified and can analyse the case and resolve the problem based on the recorded metrics.

Proactive action

We use defined triggers to detect anomalies in your application at an early stage and can thus proactively initiate countermeasures.

Work without interruptions

For you, this means you can work without interruptions because we can often solve problems before they occur.

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