EIKONA Spot Price

Immediately calculate freight costs online and book transports.

Save yourself the time and hassle of quoting prices for general cargo. With our transport price calculation software, your customers can get price quotes right away. No registration required!

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  • Easily maintain rates and contract terms for prospective customers
  • Individual prices for existing customers
  • Connected to the TMS to obtain rates directly
  • Can be integrated into any website
  • Generation of discount vouchers to attract new customers

Send something out at the last minute?

To calculate the transport costs, the EIKONA Spot Price module only needs the post code, pick-up location, destination, number of packages or pallets, and weight of the goods. This information is then used to calculate freight costs and, optionally, toll costs. With just one click, you establish a direct connection to our EIKONA Order Management module and thus supplement the price inquiry with more information and convert it directly into a transport order.

Better utilisation of cargo space

Transports must be carefully priced to make them profitable. If you are a freight forwarder or carrier and have free cargo space capacity available at short notice, simply offer cargo space at spot prices. This way, you can offer your customers an attractively priced booking option for their cargo. Calculate spot prices and create personalised offers for pallets, cages and intermediate bulk containers (IBC) – our EIKONA Spot Price module supports you with all key process steps.

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Add these modules to EIKONA Spot Price:

Price information 24/7

With a simple price calculator, you allow your customers to swiftly and automatically compute the transport costs based on only a few data points. At any time, day or night. For any distance.

Offer even more services

Sell your value-added services on top! Once the freight rate for the route to the unloading point is determined, your customers can select additional services for each shipment, including time slot services or value-added services such as temperature-controlled transports, dangerous goods or two-man delivery.

Attract new customers: finally sell online!

Our freight cost software offers you several advantages: The transport cost calculator makes it easier for your salespeople to issue quotations. The ability to effortlessly calculate prices and place the order right away enables you to reach casual customers who can then become regular customers.

Using the shipping calculator creates price transparency and gives customers a powerful self-service option. You increase the utilisation rates of your transports and improve profitability and the pricing per truck.

As a traditional freight forwarder, you employ a simple tool that digital freight forwarders already have in their portfolio. The online price calculator also puts you in an ideal position to compete in the digital world.

Showcase your digital prowess!

EIKONA Spot Price
How digital sales works

The freight cost calculator for your website.

Automatic quotation

Your customers get a price right away without you always having to recalculate.

Best prices for regular customers

Each of your customers gets their own individual price with rates from your TMS.

Custom approval workflow

Have automatic quotations submitted for one-click approval on demand.

All the information in a compact format!

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EIKONA Logistics Blog Shipping calculator

Freight forwarders supplement all sales channels with an online shipping calculator.

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Frequently asked questions

Can the order be placed directly after receiving the price?

This is not a problem. Once your customers are shown the prices, they can initiate the order with just a few clicks.

Can I have the spot prices output from my TMS?

We connect your TMS via API to the EIKONA Spot Price module. Customers can thus check prices in real time via your TMS.

Can I configure the rates myself?

Yes, you can configure the daily rates yourself at any time. For example, you can calculate rates using a distance/weight matrix. Costs for extra services (expedited delivery or delivery on a specific day) or discounts can be stored and included in the calculation as well.