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EIKONA for logistics service providers

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EIKONA Logistics Cloud

As a logistics service provider, you are right in the middle of the action in planning and managing supply chains. You store goods and organise the physical goods flows. That means you are also responsible for the accompanying data and information that everyone needs to do a good job. With the EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules, you will get flexible IT solutions that optimally support your business and connect you directly with your partners.

  • Efficient warehouse and transport management
  • Data conversion for perfect integration
  • Painless integration with your partners
  • Real-time data for proactive information

Control goods flows

You need to stay ahead of the game when storing products for your customers: What goods do you need when, in what quantity and where? With our EIKONA Warehouse Management module, you control the flow of goods in your logistics facilities, monitor batches and effectively prepare transport orders.

Connected to alliances and partners

The EIKONA Logistics Cloud not only connects software solutions with each other. It also makes it easier for you to team up with customers, transport networks and freight forwarding partners. Accept orders, provide the current transport status or determine the estimated time of arrival (ETA): With our modules, you can effortlessly do everything from providing shipment notifications to archiving the proof of delivery (POD).

Software for logistics service providers

IT solutions for freight forwarding, transport, warehousing and handling.

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Flexible IT

You use different IT solutions for your various logistics tasks. The EIKONA Logistics Cloud integrates your applications into one continuous process. That means you always have exactly the information you need for your customers' orders.

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In any format

Our EIKONA Data Conversion module provides the perfect basis for sharing data with customers and partners. We implement the interfaces for you. After that, you work together directly, exchanging shipment data and importing current statuses into any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

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From controlling to monitoring

Act before it's too late: Sometimes your logistics orders have to follow different routes than originally planned. Luckily, you will recognise this in plenty of time with EIKONA Track and Trace or EIKONA Shipment Planning. Our modules analyse your production data in real time and show you how to successfully fulfill orders even after disruptions.

Mix and match:
Recommended modules for corporations

The EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules let you combine exactly the services and applications you need to digitalise your supply chain – for fast, simple customisation.

To the module overview

Well advised on the
tailor-made solution

Project management

Our trained and PMI (Project Management Institute) certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) sit down with you to select the appropriate project management method: traditional, agile or hybrid.

Process analysis

As we work toward a solution, our logistics experts analyse your current situation, define the project tasks, create a project plan and determine the project budget together with you.

Process optimisation

Two key insights dominate our thinking as experienced solution developers for logistics: Every project is different – except for one thing: Projects always need a clear goal.


We recognise, based on our experience and judgment, where our solutions are not yet perfectly aligned with your process. Together, we close the gap and get you started.

EIKONA Logistics Schäflein AG
Gökhan Efetürk, Site Manager, Langenau Logistics Centre
The ability to dynamically prioritise shipping orders after receiving them improves our customers' delivery speed. Our WMS sets the pace with EIKONA software. And our efficiency has improved in the process.
Gökhan Efetürk, Site Manager, Langenau Logistics Centre

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