EIKONA Pallet Account

Digital loading equipment exchange instead of high costs.

Regardless of whether you use pallet cages, bins, containers or Euro pallets: with the pallet account software, you have your loading equipment under control.

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  • Simple recording of loading equipment movements with exchange ratio
  • Booking journal with extensive search and filter functions
  • Detailed view for individual data records from the booking journal
  • Master data administration for accounting area, accounts and loading equipment
  • EDI connection enables automatic booking of load carriers
  • Legally compliant documentation of pallet debts

Loading equipment plays a truly vital role

For decades, most everyday products have been transported on pallets or other means of transport. Their number is growing in line with the increasing demand for various goods. Around 107 million Euro pallets worth 1.2 billion euros were in constant use in Germany in 2021. Load carriers are not only indispensable for transport, but also of inestimable value. The EIKONA Pallet Account offers freight forwarders and shippers an efficient and transparent way to book pallet movements. This reduces costs and avoids conflicts.

Pallet accounting: avoid losses and misunderstandings

In order to manage the use of your own load carriers efficiently, it is essential to centrally record a lot of information. This process begins with inventory management and requires a detailed analysis. In addition to the pure number of load carriers, producers and logistics service providers also need to know their exact location and whereabouts. Only then the smooth flow of load carriers within the company can be tracked. It is also important to possess information about which load carriers were dispatched when and in what condition and therefore need to be removed from the stock.

The best modules for a perfect
supply chain. Simple and straightforward.

Add these modules to EIKONA Pallet Account:

Digitise the time-consuming recording in pallet accounting

Say goodbye to time-consuming Excel data entry in pallet accounting. The EIKONA Pallet Account software makes your work much easier by organising your data. Enough with confusing tables and incorrect entries. The data can be entered manually and in a structured manner or automatically transferred from your TMS, ERP, WMS via an interface, e.g. EDI connection. With EIKONA Pallet Account, you always have an overview of your loading equipment.

Loading equipment is more than just a tool

If you use load carriers, you should consider them not just as a tool, but as a valuable resource for your business. Accurate management of their inventory is therefore crucial. To this end, a company must be able to answer the following questions at all times:


- What is the company's ownership of loading equipment?

- What is the value of this loading equipment?

- To whom does the company owe loading equipment?

- Who owes the company loading equipment?

- Where in the company is which loading equipment stored?


With the EIKONA Pallet Account, you always have the answers - without time-consuming research.

Mobile app for recording in the pallet account

As load carriers have to be exchanged and recorded outside of fixed workstations, for example for lorry deliveries, we recommend using our mobile app. This makes it possible to record returned load carriers or missing quantities directly in a pallet account. Loading equipment or container barcodes can be easily captured using the camera on your smartphone. The app's user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it quick and easy to record incoming and outgoing load carriers. The step-by-step instructions through intelligent workflows prevent incorrect entries and user errors.

The challenge of pallet exchange: clear exchange ratios and
standardisation can solve conflicts

Various challenges can arise when exchanging pallets. These include unclear exchange conditions, a lack of standardisation of pallet types and the difficulty of assessing the quality and condition of the pallets. Also, misunderstandings can arise if the exchange conditions are not clearly defined. In addition, organisational challenges can come up when it comes to storing and transporting the pallets. In some cases, legal issues may also arise, for example in connection with the ownership of the pallets. A considerable number of lorries cross Europe to transport empty pallets over long distances. This leads to low sustainability and environmental impact.

With the EIKONA Pallet Account, logistics service providers, shippers and recipients can ensure that the exchanged load carriers meet certain quality criteria and can also digitise and standardise their manual pallet exchange using software. With the mobile app, the exchange process can be documented directly on site and the condition of the load carriers can be recorded with photos - without any paperwork. It is even easier if a delivery is processed via EIKONA Time Slot Management. Bookings can then be recorded directly with account and contra account. The data then flows immediately into the central pallet account.

EIKONA Pallet Account
The smart solution for smooth loading equipment exchange

This way, you keep the costs for the procurement and replacement of pallets under control.

Link with customer order

In combination with EIKONA Order Management, you can link the material output to the sales order.

Evaluation of the condition

The software makes it possible to assess the condition of the load carriers, which enables a fair exchange and a more precise evaluation of the load carrier value.

Load carriers with preview image

Load carriers such as pallet cages, transport racks or an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) can be recognised more quickly using images.

All the information in a compact format!

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EIKONA Logistics Blog Pallet management: nothing gets lost in the building!

The introduction of a loading equipment management system provides companies with clear data on their material utilisation.

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What is a pallet account?

In principle, a pallet account works like a conventional bank account, with the difference that it records the number of individual pallets. This makes it possible to track which parties still have outstanding pallet liabilities or to whom you still owe pallets.

What types of loading devices are there?

The most common types of loading equipment in logistics are pallets, pallet cages, containers and cartons. Pallets are the most commonly used loading equipment and are used for the transportation and storage of goods. Mesh boxes are also versatile and can be used for the transportation, storage and order picking of goods. Containers are used to transport goods over longer distances, e.g. by sea or air. Cartons are used for the transportation and storage of goods that are not as bulky as pallets or pallet cages.