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EIKONA Logistics Cloud

The mix-and-match EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules let you digitalise your supply chain across locations, units and company boundaries. They accelerate processes, improve collaboration and create transparency. Everyone can access relevant data and information at any time.

  • Perfectly integrated with your own (local) software infrastructure
  • Real-time collaboration and exchange of process data
  • Flexible connections through interfaces
  • Customised support for your business processes

Information when you need it

All EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules provide exactly the data and status information that is needed at every stage in the defined process – tailored to the needs of all the supply chain participants. Nothing more, nothing less. Just exactly what you need.

Across all locations

Corporate groups have many sites and units working together. They constantly share data and information needed to process orders smoothly. The EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules can be easily integrated with existing software systems and IT infrastructure. Powerful interfaces ensure hassle-free integration and superior performance.

Always perfectly integrated

The EIKONA Logistics Cloud fits in easily. Anytime and anywhere.

Process data in real time

Centrally managing and providing data and process information drives secure, transparent collaboration among numerous participants. It also speeds up processes by eliminating the need to re-enter data.

Up to any task

The right solution for every task: We develop the exact software you need based on knowledge from the EIKONA Logistics Cloud. Software that effectively supports your business processes.

Fully connected

We seamlessly integrate any software developed for you along with the EIKONA Logistics Cloud solutions into your existing application portfolio.

Mix and match:
Recommended modules for corporations

The EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules let you combine exactly the services and applications you need to digitalise your supply chain – for fast, simple customisation.

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Well advised for
a customized logistics solution

Project management

Our trained and PMI (Project Management Institute) certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) sit down with you to select the appropriate project management method: traditional, agile or hybrid.

Process analysis

As we work toward a solution, our logistics experts analyse your current situation, define the project tasks, create a project plan and determine the project budget together with you.

Process optimisation

Two key insights dominate our thinking as experienced solution developers for logistics: Every project is different – except for one thing: Projects always need a clear goal.


We recognise, based on our experience and judgment, where our solutions are not yet perfectly aligned with your process. Together, we close the gap and get you started.

EIKONA Logistics Hellmann Worldwide Logistics SE & Co. KG
Kai Hasenpusch, Chief Commercial Officer (COO) Germany
We were one of the first logistics service providers to develop a service portal in 2014. This locked in a longstanding competitive advantage for us and our customers.
Kai Hasenpusch, Chief Commercial Officer (COO) Germany

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