EIKONA Track and Trace

The simple way to track shipments.

Shipment tracking software makes sure that you always know where your shipments are. In real time.

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  • Order tracking across all forms of transport
  • Users can save their own settings
  • Traffic light status indicator for easy monitoring
  • Information shown right in your ERP and TMS
  • Automatic reports for your customers
  • Subcontractor integration supported

Order tracking across all modes of transport

Order tracking means you know where you stand at all times. EIKONA Track and Trace offers your customers transparency along the entire supply chain worldwide – whether for cargo transports on all modes of transport (road, sea or truck) or for logistics orders. From picking to loading and handling to delivery.

Worldwide track and trace in real time

Consignees ask a lot of questions. Where is my shipment? When will the truck arrive here? Our tracking software solution gives you all the answers. Because if your shipments make progress, your customers will know it immediately! EIKONA Track and Trace follows the shipment on its entire journey until it is delivered at the destination. Monitoring automatically lets you know what's happening. Without requiring any investigations.

The best modules for a perfect
supply chain. Simple and straightforward.

Add these modules to EIKONA Track and Trace:

EIKONA Track and Trace in detail

Simon Rascher, Software Development Team Lead, shows you why freight forwarders offer the most courteous customer service with our tracking software: With EIKONA Track and Trace, freight forwarding customers and consignees always know where transports are and when they will arrive. They learn the current status and delivery time in real time.

Order monitoring for freight forwarders

From the shipper to the subcontractor to the consignee, EIKONA Track and Trace connects all players and automatically keeps them informed about the transport's progress in the system until the shipment is received. This guarantees that everyone gets advance warnings about any disruptions in a logistics process that will prevent on-time delivery. Only then can everybody still respond and change their plans accordingly.

Shipment status without logging in

The consignee only needs data such as shipment number and postal code to look up the shipment status in Track and Trace. This works anytime and anywhere, even from mobile devices. They know when the truck is set to arrive. If they also use the optional EIKONA Map and ETA module, they can follow the truck's current position live on a map with the estimated time of arrival.

Consignees who receive the consignee notification can check the status directly from the email or text.

The next level: Make your service intelligent!

Set up a separate environment for each customer: with a subdomain, logo
and individual colour scheme. That demonstrates how important your customers are to you.

Your customers decide for themselves what specific information they want to receive.
Shipment tracing lets them define the reporting points for each individual shipment.

Up-to-date analyses impress your customers with the quality of your services. Give them the ability to create reports themselves and send them out automatically.

EIKONA Track and Trace
Shipment tracking for everyone

The smart application where you can track and monitor everything.

You decide what to show

You choose which status messages your customer receives. From loading to handling to delivery. You also specify the traffic light color assigned to each state.

Extensive print functions

EIKONA Track and Trace lets freight forwarding customers print out transport labels for individual unit loads and orders themselves or send them by e-mail.

Individual information

Users of EIKONA Track and Trace decide for themselves when to be notified. For example, they can be automatically notified when a shipment is loaded into the delivery vehicle.

A screen with a screenshot of the English EIKONA Track and Trace software.

Who can benefit from EIKONA Track and Trace?

  • For freight forwarders Who always want to keep an eye on their shipments and are tired of having to pay extra for special trips.
  • For consigneesWho want to know exactly when the truck is going to arrive – in the time slot and on the map.
  • For shippersWho want to tell their customers exactly when their product will arrive. And so they won’t bill too early, either.

All the information in a compact format!

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EIKONA Logistics Hartmann International GmbH & Co. KG

EIKONA Track and Trace, our logistics software, provides our customers with information about all their orders – regardless of which of our services they use.

Nicolas Bergschneider, Head of IT at Hartmann International

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Frequently asked questions

Do our customers need an account to be able to locate their shipment?

We offer both options: Customers can track anonymously without logging in. They just have to enter the package/shipment number and postal code. Logged-in users have more advanced search and filter options. They can filter multiple shipments, find older shipments with one click and manually or automatically export data to Excel.

Can displayed information as well as functions be designed differently depending on the role (e.g. shipping partner, receiving partner, customer)?

We have developed a role system based on many years of experience with our logistics customers and have integrated it by default. It can be readily customised and adapted to your needs and preferences.