Server solutions

High availability in day-to-day logistics.

Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid. We will work with you to find the right server solution for you. One that's reliable and secure.

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  • Strong monitoring
  • High availability
  • German data centre
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Server solutions you can rely on

The increasing complexity of IT systems has made it an ever-increasing challenge to focus on your core business while tending to your server infrastructure. Making matters worse is the shortage of skilled IT staff as well as customers' increasing expectations of future-proof IT. Our trained, certified employees always keep up with the latest standards and set up your infrastructure so that you can operate at the highest quality and security levels at all times. We offer customised server solutions for the manufacturing and logistics sectors based on our many years of experience.

Server hosting: your data secure in the cloud

Logistics operations will only run smoothly if the hosting infrastructure meets high standards: the data has to be highly available and secure. We will host your applications, operating systems and data in our ISO 27001-certified data centre. We centrally manage all security measures and updates in order to effectively ward off cyber assaults such as DDoS attacks, viruses and Trojans. In addition, our storage infrastructure is virtualised. That means you can add storage as your needs grow for a predictable cost. We track all the indicators in our monitoring software and so can reliably protect our server infrastructure from failure. We keep our components updated at all times. Replacements of individual components do not cause failures or decreased performance.

Dependable support of on-premise servers

Do you want to know that your on-premise server hardware is in good hands? Not a problem. We will reliably support and monitor your servers. Thanks to our monitoring software, we can identify problems early before they can affect your business. We can provide quick, painless support in the form of remote maintenance. If someone is needed on-site, we will coordinate with your technicians or come to your location ourselves. Go ahead and combine the best of both worlds: you retain control over the data at your company while still benefiting from our expertise. And you reduce your IT staff's workload in the process.

Server housing: your servers at the EIKONA data centre

Place your own server hardware in our ISO-certified EIKONA data centre and pick whichever additional services you need: installation, monitoring, update, maintenance, backups, firewalls or technical support. We can provide everything you need.

Your data and processes are in good hands – with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001

Before a data centre is certified to ISO 27001, it has to complete 16 steps that encompass not only technical measures but staff training programs as well. Once all the requirements are met, the certificate confirms that information held at the data centre will be kept accurate, consistent, available and confidential.

Nothing is more frustrating than a system failure, which in logistics can quickly affect the entire supply chain. As required by our ISO 9001 certification, we always keep our processes, documents, supplier evaluations, certifications and IT security solutions up to date so that you have the peace of mind to concentrate on your core business.

Server hosting at the
high-performance data centre.

Our high-availability servers help you cut costs and streamline workflows.

24/7 monitoring

We proactively monitor your IT: our monitoring software lets us keep an eye on all your components at all times and intervene early to prevent disruptions to your business.

Superior server performance

We rely on dedicated, continuously modernised high-performance hardware, enabling you to achieve maximum flexibility and scalability for your dynamic business processes.

Security first

Our quality standards for data security are always up to date. That is why we are ISO certified. Our DDoS protection mechanisms and firewalls fend off attacks of any kind.

365 days of support

To keep your software working flawlessly all the time, we are available for you 365 days a year – right when you are transporting or handling cargo.

Get the most out of your logistics!

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Frequently asked questions

Companies generally create backups on their servers. Isn't that enough to get back up and running quickly after a failure?

If a system fails, backups play a big role in determining whether and how much data is lost. This is common knowledge, and all companies use backup storage in one way or another, from tape drives to cloud backups. However, it is absolutely essential to test the backups for quality. After all, the best backup is useless if it cannot be restored. One good way to get this kind of reassurance is to have your backups monitored by a service provider.

All the data eventually ends up on one server. What advantages does server management provide in this regard?

Server management monitors a server's system functions. This includes fan speed, component temperatures as well as monitoring for hardware errors so that administrators can plan to take early action such as replacing a fan or hard drive. The service provider can also provide access to systems hosted on its infrastructure if the company needs more resources than those available on its own server. Good monitoring also detects cyber attacks on systems and initiates appropriate countermeasures. Companies should also think about the pros and cons of outsourcing their server to a data centre.