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Deliveries with preferred date and time: faster, better, cheaper.

Whether by email, text or automatic voice call: you will always contact the customer at the right time with our EIKONA Notification module.

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  • Automatic appointment scheduling
  • API integration
  • 24/7 time slot booking without log-in
  • Initiate notification calls from lorries based on GPS location
  • Granular configuration of possible time slots
  • Provide early shipment notifications

Punctuality is everything in logistics

As a freight forwarder, time is always a major factor for you. When you send your operations staff on the road, you manage the timing yourself, at least initially. Obviously, it is not that simple. The clock is also ticking for your customers. The downstream processes in their supply chain only work if the deliveries are made on time. Our EIKONA Notification module lets you keep an eye on everything. You always notify your customers exactly when the goods will arrive. This advance shipping notice for orders raises customer satisfaction levels tremendously. In logistics management for just-in-time deliveries in the automotive sector or deliveries to a family residence.

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Add these modules to EIKONA Notification:

Automatic shipment announcements

Having a personal phone conversation with an employee of the freight forwarding company may sound charming, but it is a drag in fast-paced logistics processes. Phone calls cost time, even when done well in advance of the delivery. Our EIKONA Notification module saves you this time, because your customers receive advance updates of the delivery time by email, text or automatic voice call. The voice call is placed by the EIKONA IVR system.

Maximum flexibility for freight forwarders and customers

You and your customers need to be flexible and know when the goods are coming in. The automatic appointment scheduling function helps you to do this. With our EIKONA Notification module, freight forwarders enable their customers to define desired dates, times and drop-off locations on the online portal. The link to the portal is included in the email or text notification sent to your customers.

Offer value-added services with notification software

As a service provider, you can use our notification tool to offer your customers effective value-added services. This includes different scheduling services, connection and installation, packaging disposal, unloading the truck at the customer's dock.

Correct data as a basis

Automatic notification is part of a fully digitalised order management system. It starts when the order is entered and ends when the invoice is issued. All you need to notify the consignee by email or text is a correct email address or mobile phone number. If you do not have either, our EIKONA Call Centre or the EIKONA IVR system will help you.

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Stay organised for less time and money

If your office employees no longer have to pick up the phone to make a notification, they have more time to take care of other things. This adds up to a large number of work hours, given all the shipments for which notifications are given. In other words, our automatic notification solution delivers significant cost and time savings. Because every phone call stops the delivery for now. If you can automatically notify the customer of the delivery as soon as the order comes in, you do not have to put the transport on hold.

Thanks to the granular configuration options for notification and delivery rules in EIKONA Notification, you only offer consignees the time slots that work for you.

EIKONA Notification
Delivery on demand.

Never lose track of delivery times with the online notification tool.

Notification by email or text

Phone calls were yesterday. Your customers automatically know when the delivery is coming.

Sell additional services

Consignees can book extra services for the delivery in the online portal.

Streamline your processes

Your employees save time and can use resources for more important things.

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Who benefits from EIKONA Notification?

  • For freight forwardersWho would rather solve logistics problems than set appointments by phone.
  • For shippersWho want to satisfy their customers by making deliveries at the desired date and time.
  • For consigneesWho do not want to spend a long time waiting for the truck.

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Thanks to EIKONA's modular services, we can offer our customers a modern online solution that also significantly reduces our own service times.

Gunnar Stellmacher, Head of IT at Emons

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to store the number of delivery time slots based on the stored notification rules depending on the selected notification channel?

Yes. You can define a maximum number of time slots for the consignee to choose from in each notification channel.

Can the different notification methods be combined with each other?

Yes. Email, text message and automatic voice call can be operated in parallel. They can also be combined with delays in between.