EIKONA Cargo Handling

The fastest and best cargo handling ever.

Time is money. Our software helps you to redefine cargo handling processes, implement improvements on the fly and have a standard solution for planned or spontaneous changes.

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  • Dynamically assign cargo handling gates
  • Vehicle retrieval with web app
  • Real-time digital terminal view for control centres
  • Guidance for operational processes
  • Process documentation for detailed analyses
  • Intelligent route optimisation

Gain the crucial advantage at the transloading terminal

As a freight forwarder, you know that efficient processes at your transloading terminal save crucial time: for you as an individual company, and also if you have teamed up with other companies in general cargo or less than truck load networks. This is especially true if large road volumes are headed to your transloading terminal. In this case, it takes too much time to search for packages based on shipment data. Our EIKONA Cargo Handling module helps you to optimise and significantly accelerate your handling operations.

The best modules for a perfect
supply chain. Simple and straightforward.

Add these modules to EIKONA Cargo Handling:

Building plan by capacity

Before you tackle handling processes in your operations, you need to do some preliminary planning. Our EIKONA Cargo Handling module enables you to exhaust latent potential in your processes, create a clean database and dynamically plan movements of trucks in your yard as well as forklifts, industrial trucks and packages at your terminal.

Faster error-free loading

Time is the one factor that essentially determines your processes at the terminal. It is your obligation, after all, to get transports on the road on time so that shipments make it to their destination on schedule. Our software helps you organise your handling activities and effortlessly reduce the loading error rate. Don't leave anything to chance.

Organise your space!

Systematic sorting is like basic math for logistics professionals. As shipping volumes rise and cargo handling accelerates, mental strategic planning quickly becomes a Herculean exercise in mathematics, namely finding the shortest route. Leave these complex processes to our EIKONA Cargo Handling module. It does a fine job managing your bays and knows who needs to go where and when.

Packages can be found in warehouses much faster

Packages are sometimes not where they should be at the terminal. That's not news to you as a logistics professional. But you do have to find them again at some point. Better sooner than later, too, since every minute counts in handling. As shipping volumes grow and handling accelerates, your operations team have to assume greater stress and greater responsibility. The processes still need to keep running even if goods are missing.

You can let your employees go on a manual search. Or you can use our EIKONA Cargo Handling module. Simply use a video localisation management system to record all movements of packages, including the one you are looking for. The system interfaces with our EIKONA Cargo Handling module.

You can narrow down the whereabouts of the misplaced object at any time and help your operations staff with their search. Simply send them the location information and photos to the mobile device from the app.

Our EIKONA Cargo Handling module gives you a complete view of your terminal at your control centre. Using the mapped layout, you can always direct your operations staff to exactly where they are currently needed and assign them tasks in current processes.

EIKONA Cargo Handling
Straightforward cargo handling.

The software that rearranges gates and route staging areas every day.

Make the most of terminal space

Coordinate inbound transports quickly and effectively in the cargo handling department.

Complete overview of all shipments

At the warehouse control centre, you plan what packages should be where when since you know all transport movements in advance.

Always know the package status

Quickly enter the actual status of routes, shipments and packages using the traffic light system.

EIKONA Logistics CargoLine GmbH & Co. KG
Uwe Heinbach, Location Manager CargoLine hub in Niederaula
We have digitalised all steps in our handling with EIKONA Cargo Handling. Our handling stuff can see shipment information such as the number of packages, volumes and appointments on the display of their scanners. In addition to the dangerous goods status of consignments, the all-round carefree package from EIKONA Logistics also graphically displays the prescribed labelling for inspection. With the software for hall handling, loads are photographed. This way we can easily document in case of damage. We now handle much faster and need about 10 employees less per day.
Uwe Heinbach, Location Manager CargoLine hub in Niederaula

All the information in a compact format!

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We wanted to digitalise the cargo handling processes at our warehouse and structure them using IT tools. This gives us the ability to transfer knowledge early on.

Andrea Neumann Head of IT Projects and System Administration at ELVIS

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Frequently asked questions

How are incoming trucks directed to the unloading bays?

Trucks are assigned to the correct bays via web app or text message notification.

How can my logistics building be mapped with its individual characteristics?

The individual loading and unloading areas, building doors, truck lanes, and waiting areas can be configured individually in the master data using predefined parameters.

Is the loading and unloading status in the building tracked in real time?

The truck visualized on the building overview displays the current package-level loading and unloading status in real time.