Client server management

For smooth logistics processes.

Central monitoring and management of your logistics IT resources – with our client server management service.

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  • Operating system installations and updates
  • All licences at a glance
  • Inventorying hardware and software
  • Security-relevant patch management
  • Server monitoring and maintenance
  • Central backup and recovery

Client management

The monitoring software alerts us to possible critical situations before a failure can occur. This ensures that your PCs and laptops are always ready for action.

All device configurations are captured and policies created based on your security requirements. Time-consuming tasks such as software installations or updates are centralised and partially automated.

Proactive monitoring

You need your IT to function flawlessly in the time-sensitive logistics business. Data losses due to hardware failures pose the greatest risk to logistics. To prevent them, the servers have to be constantly monitored using special software. Failures usually announce themselves in advance and can be detected and avoided early on with professional tools.

Backups can also be checked for quality so that new backups can be created expeditiously in the event of faulty data backups. If your in-house resources cannot handle current demands without investing in costly new servers, we can provide short-term assistance with server hosting.

Client and server maintenance

Having EIKONA maintain your clients and servers cuts costs and reduces the workload on your in-house IT department. We provide maintenance and servicing tools as part of our server management service. Our monitoring software collects all the data needed to enable trouble-free server usage: resource consumption, database utilisation and latency.

Inventorying: taking stock of hardware and software

We perform a full hardware and software inventory of your logistics IT structure. The inventory includes all types of devices, such as servers, PCs, notebooks, printers and routers. It records user-specific data along with licence terms or usage statistics for software employed at your company. This helps you avoid discrepancies between installed software and existing licences. If necessary, you can assign unused licences to

another workstation. Reports and statistics in various output formats show you your actual inventory at any time. Our software application calculates depreciation and book values for your assets. You can even export data from our inventory solution to your accounting system and thus reconcile the books as needed.

Perfect life cycle management
for IT systems, resources, and workloads

We ensure that your network-based client and server systems are constantly online.

Remote server management

Our remote maintenance software allows us to access the servers to perform maintenance or repairs.

Inventory management

To inventory your hardware and software components, our software automatically checks their configuration and system data on a regular basis.

Application management

We automatically distribute, configure, and monitor software as part of our IT application management service.

Performance management

IT performance management keeps an eye on client and server operation. It reports anomalies or breaches of previously defined limit values.

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