EIKONA Power BI Integration

Create and share analyses easily.

EIKONA Power BI Integration lets you create clear, informative reports in real time and share them with your customers.

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  • Current reports in real time
  • Integrate data sources securely and permanently
  • Define report formats once
  • Dynamically share analyses with users with appropriate rights
  • Define custom analysis periods
  • Customised information for each user

Effective data analyses for freight forwarders

Real-time analyses give you the opportunity to manage your daily business with pinpoint precision and generate more profit. After all, you don't plan trips based on guesses. It also makes sense to prepare analyses retroactively and promptly. How many stops can my drivers make on trips? Do you regularly have longer travel times than calculated due to dense traffic? How long does loading and unloading take? Thanks to the monitoring reports from EIKONA Power BI Integration, you are guaranteed to make the right decisions and know where and how to optimise transports.

Leverage improvement opportunities for shippers

For shippers, the process from the storage bin to the dock has to be organised efficiently. After all, it takes time to complete the picking, packing and loading processes. You know this instinctively as a professional. But how long do the processes really take? Are there points where delays obviously occur? Where can you find opportunities for accelerating processes? How can you support your warehouse staff? Reports with key performance indicators (KPIs) from our EIKONA Power BI Integration module help you find answers and make decisions.

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Informative analyses

BI stands for business intelligence. Our Power BI integration solution, based on Microsoft's Power BI platform, is sophisticated software for different requirements. It enables you, the user, to create informative, high-quality analyses and reports.

All relevant data at a glance

A transparent and seamless data transfer simplifies things for everyone along the supply chain. Monitoring and informative reports enable sound analyses of what is happening along the supply chains. EIKONA Power BI Integration provides exactly the information you need.

Analyse data from different sources

Every analysis is built on data. It is the only foundation that BI can use to fulfill its core task: to provide you, as a freight forwarder or shipper, with regular reports based on predefined criteria. To achieve this, we link all the necessary applications and customers and create the associated rules.

We combine all the data from your production environments in one linked database. This is your single point of truth. The data stored there always represents current conditions and so reflects the truth. It is also called the single source of truth. No manually entered ata can distort the report findings that you generate from this data.

Our EIKONA Power BI Integration gives you many tools for visualising reports and summaries. So they look exactly how you need them to look. Give your customers access to comprehensive reporting by integrating it into your monitoring. That way, they can see all the reports in areas that you have given them access to.

EIKONA Power BI Integration
Make better decisions.

The software that presents your data clearly.

Structured data analyses

Use our module to integrate existing data into a fundamental data structure.

Real-time reporting

Give users comprehensive reports as a basis for process optimisation.

Secure integration of customers

Create one-time report formats for your customers as templates for their own analyses.

All the information in a compact format!

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create reports in Microsoft Power BI?

We provide in-depth training on our modules. This includes teaching you to create and use reports in Microsoft Power BI.