EIKONA Shipment Planning

Combined transport planning for logistics production.

If you need to strategically optimise trips in combined transport, simply use EIKONA Shipment Planning.

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  • Plan multimodal supply chains
  • Integration of fixed and dynamic schedules
  • Simple web-based user interface
  • Transport and handling overview
  • Selection of suitable modes of transport
  • Fully automated trip planning

Trip optimisation software for dispatchers

Some of your customers generate very large transport volumes. Goods have to arrive at the assembly line on time and just-in-sequence. Our EIKONA Shipment Planning module enables you to manage orders along the supply chain whenever you have to use more than one load carrier. Use this module to organise complex multimodal transports. Use multimodal transports for your strategic transport planning and exceed your customers' expectations with optimised routes.

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Always the right logistics route

Our module helps your dispatchers plan transports for customer orders and suggests different options. In addition, you can integrate our EIKONA Shipment Planning module into your operations systems – such as a TMS – and then export the resulting trip data back into the module. In the process, you can lower costs for your customers by offering them smart logistics routes.

Keep track of your transports

EIKONA Shipment Planning knows the timetables for the transport modes you use. Our software generates route suggestions and schedules from stored timetables for rail traffic, shipping, etc. It also takes into account dynamic truck travel times and the required loading and unloading times. Imagine that your truck has to catch the train. Once it arrives at the destination station, the goods still have to be unloaded and transported the remaining distance to the consignee. Our module takes away the time pressure by incorporating time buffers.

Show your customers where their goods are

With our EIKONA Shipment Planning module, you will also know where your shipment is at any given moment. For example, you can integrate GPS data into the system if your load carriers are outfitted with the appropriate equipment. They will then send a signal regularly so that your trips can be seen on a map. Geofencing makes it possible to identify milestones. This end-to-end support shows your customers that their goods are in good hands and that you significantly support their production operations.

Truck, train, ship: our module lets you know

Some trips cannot be completed on a single mode of transport. Modern supply chains employ multi-modal transports. For example, the Munich-to-London route is never done completely by truck. EIKONA Shipment Planning knows where your shipments have connections to make. Trucks travel to cargo handling points to combine different modes of transport. You can only cross the English Channel by train or by ferry. Our logistics software selects the most suitable means of transport.

EIKONA Shipment Planning
Multi-modal transports in one process

The web-based solution turns multimodal transports into a single unit.

Intuitive and simple route selection

All you do is enter the departure point, destination, time slot and load size. Our module then suggests a suitable route using different modes of transport.

Processing of fixed and dynamic schedules

Our module calculates the appropriate travel times from various data sources and combines them into a complete schedule for your transport.

End-to-end tracking of shipment movements

Our module turns GPS, status and geofencing data into comprehensive tracking information. That immediately tells you when you need to change your plans.

All the information in a compact format!

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Frequently asked questions

How can I ensure that my timetables are up-to-date?

Dynamic timetables can be integrated in EIKONA Shipment Planning via an interface.

Why does combined transport make sense for freight forwarders?

Combined transport integrates the benefits of all modes of transport and is thus faster, cheaper, greener and more efficient than transporting something on a single mode of transport. Especially since it reduces road congestion.

How does the logistics software calculate optimised routes?

The system considers factors such as average speeds and existing schedules. EIKONA Shipment Planning then uses this data and the distance to calculate the optimal route and provide transport costs and delivery times. For example, if goods need to be shipped ad hoc, the dispatcher can modify the proposal from within the software and choose a point-to-point transport.