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We will guide you as you select the right hardware, tailored to your individual needs, and will put it into operation for you.

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Hardware that meets your needs

There are few sectors where demands on hardware are more complicated than in logistics. Very humid, hot or cold environments demand very different kinds of scanners, printers and other hardware, as does scanning from a vehicle or by hand. As logistics professionals, we are very familiar with industry needs and current and future standards, which enables us to expertly guide you in selecting the right hardware for your individual processes and then put it into operation.

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Mobile devices tailored to your digital processes

Everyone in the supply chain benefits when information is shared early and digitally. Deliveries can be made faster, downtimes shortened and handling times reduced. The scanners at your logistics warehouse have to be ready for use at all times. To support you in your digital processes, we will advise you as you select mobile devices such as printers, forklift terminals and scanners. We will pay particular attention to where the devices will be used and for how long, shift times and the temperature and humidity of your environments. We will also verify that your new devices are compatible with the Wi-Fi 6 standard so that you can enjoy all its benefits in future. We will also manage your mobile devices for you so that you can focus on your core tasks.

Network components for logistics

In logistics, the demands made on network hardware – switches, access points, routers, etc. – are just as diverse. This may be due to changing inventories, temperature fluctuations or special materials. We will advise you on selecting the right components to keep your systems running smoothly 24/7. In addition, we will configure, maintain and monitor your hardware and replace it when necessary. If you are planning a completely new Wi-Fi infrastructure in your warehouses, we recommend adopting the new Wi-Fi 6 standard to be fully prepared for the future.

Modern stations for satisfied employees

In the logistics industry, a complete hardware consultation includes not only network components and mobile devices, but also workstation equipment: from servers, monitors, laptops, and thin clients to printers, keyboards, mice and a wide variety of cables. We will set up your office workstations, configure the individual components, monitor them and replace them if necessary.

Mobile devices for logistics
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Thermal printers with thermal paper, thermal transfer printers for high-temperature environments, RFID label printers for RFID checkpoints or conventional laser printers. We will find the right printer for your purposes.

Handheld scanners and data devices

When selecting handheld scanners, data devices and suitable accessories such as replaceable batteries or fast chargers, we will focus on their intended use (such as pick-by-voice), scanning processes per minute or scanner up-time per day. Based on this data, we will then recommend special headsets, ergonomic scanners or high-quality handhelds. To prevent any interruptions in your business, we will monitor your equipment's operating parameters and automatically take action in the event of problems.

Forklift terminals

If you use forklifts, your vehicle terminals will have to function reliably in harsh warehouse environments. Also, your scanners will have to scan barcodes regardless of whether they are close or up to 15 metres away. That's why we use rugged, versatile equipment. If your forklifts circulate in refrigerated warehouses, we recommend integrated display heaters with armoured glass that allow terminals to be used while wearing gloves.

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Lease or buy your hardware?

The right answer: it depends on your business. We will provide the exact model that best suits your business and IT strategy. Leasing avoids high upfront costs. Instead, you can budget for fixed monthly costs and always use the latest hardware. Fast-growing companies in particular benefit from the increased flexibility and liquidity and avoid the risk of an investment backlog building up. We can offer you a full-service contract that covers damage due to falls or violent impacts and thus protects your investment.

If you prefer to buy your own hardware, the components are yours and, after a typical useful life of about three to five years, you can continue to use them or resell them. No matter which approach you choose, we will support you in selecting components and can offer you the very best value for your money. We can optionally set up the hardware for you, monitor it and replace old or broken devices.

Logistics hardware consulting
and mobile device management

We provide everything as an all-in-one package so that you can focus on your logistics responsibilities.

Hardware consulting

Since we have extensive experience in logistics and maintain close partnerships with all manufacturers, we can provide the exact hardware you need and the very best value for money.


Leave all the configuration and commissioning to the IT professionals. We will automatically integrate your hardware into your network. We don't even have to be at your location.

Monitoring and security

We will constantly monitor and update your devices to keep them up and running at all times while maintaining strong IT security.

Device replacements

If a device breaks, we will replace, commission and maintain the new hardware as well as dispose of the old equipment.

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