EIKONA Freight Management

The digital real-time software for managing your transport partners.

The software digitalises and automates your carrier management. All while optimising costs.

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  • Smart freight exchange with bidding system
  • Digital order entry and placement
  • Comprehensive carrier management
  • Verification and reminder functions
  • Full integration with TMS systems
  • Freight allocation and monitoring in the web app

Manage transport orders and carriers with one click.

Store the contract terms you negotiated with transport partners in our EIKONA Freight Management module. These terms include load size, dimensions and weight, delivery dates, or trip and route planning. You can also define quality criteria for the transport of your shipments. This can include carriers for temperature-controlled transports, dangerous goods or two-man deliveries.

You transfer the customer orders straight from your TMS into our EIKONA Freight Management module, and the software then checks your registered carriers against the specified criteria. Once the right partner is found, you can place the transport order.

NEW: The electronic consignment note (eCMR)

The electronic consignment note lets you save time and avoid re-entering data. When the loading is done, our EIKONA Freight Management module summarises the list of packages in a digitally signed document. This is an audit-proof document that will pass every inspection. All it requires is a mobile device and a charged battery.

The best modules for a perfect
supply chain. Simple and straightforward.

Add these modules to EIKONA Freight Management:

Custom rules for carriers

You determine all the custom rules in EIKONA Freight Management. This allows you to automatically assign territories to specific carriers based on the consignee's address and assign logistics orders to the appropriate partner.

Shared freight exchange

Freight management is not a one-way street. Open up your own freight exchange for the services provided by your transport service providers. Because you know all too well: empty runs are uneconomical.

Collaboration through mobile data integration

You process data from the vehicles in the EIKONA Freight Management module. From mobile logistics software or the included web app: GPS position, status, and proof of delivery (POD). This is how you stay operationally connected to your carriers.

Reliably assign freight to the right people

You need to know your partners inside out to fulfill your orders quickly and transparently. Not only do you need to have a good relationship with carriers, you also need complete, well-maintained master data. EIKONA Freight Management's electronic company management stores all important data about your carriers, such as addresses, supplier and tax numbers, proofs of insurance, dangerous goods certificates, freight contracts, drivers' ADR licences and appropriate contact details. Take advantage of the automatic reminder feature that prompts carriers to update expiring certificates.

This transparent data gives you confidence that your carriers are completing your orders safely, quickly and competently. You also effortlessly comply with applicable laws and regulations for using transport partners. This requires you to connect the EIKONA Freight Management module with your transport management system (TMS). That way, you can automatically block carriers whose certificates have expired. You let your carriers handle data entry and maintenance. Our software then checks the plausibility of the information for you.

EIKONA Freight Management
Your own online marketplace

The database for intelligent freight allocation.

Transparent order assignment

Always choose the right carrier and manage your cargo space.

Digital master data management

Enter your transport partners fully digitally in the logistics company management tool.

Data transmission in real time

All orders can be assigned to carriers in real time and monitored based on their status.

All the information in a compact format!

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EIKONA Logistics Mobile data collection ensures more efficiency in logistics

Process data from the vehicles in the EIKONA Freight Management module. This drives efficiency in logistics processes.

Get the most out of your logistics!

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Frequently asked questions

What can I do to ensure that transport partners are only used if they have valid certificates?

Various mandatory documents with expiry dates can be stored in the transport partner's profile. Automatic reminders prompt the carrier to update documents that are about to expire.

How can the current trip itinerary be controlled?

The web app in EIKONA Freight Management integrates vehicle data such as GPS position, status and proof of delivery (POD).