EIKONA Logistics Cloud:
What’s in it for you.

Every single module of the EIKONA Logistics Cloud digitalises and connects your supply chain a little bit more – in exactly the way you need.

21 modules
in flexible combinations

The EIKONA Logistics Cloud has everything your logistics needs.

We will sit down with you to identify the perfect module combination and take your digital business models to the next level. Start out by using individual modules in a targeted manner and simply add more as needed.

Good advice for a
tailor-made solution

Project management

Our trained and PMI (Project Management Institute) certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) also sit down with you to select the appropriate project management method: traditional, agile or hybrid.

Process analysis

As we work toward a solution, we analyse your current situation, define the project tasks, create a project plan and determine the project budget together with you.

Process optimisation

Two key insights dominate our thinking as experienced solution developers for logistics: Every project is different – except for one thing: Projects always need a clear goal.


We recognise, based on our experience and judgment, where our solutions are not yet perfectly aligned with your process. Together, we close the gap and get you started.

Get the most out of your logistics!

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take on average to introduce a module?

It depends on your systems. Usually six to eight weeks. Reach out to us! We will set up a personalised schedule for you.

How are the individual modules billed?

All our modules are transaction-based. Each order recorded within a calendar month is considered a billing unit. Ask us – we'll draw up a personalised offer for you!

Can the individual modules be custom-developed to my specifications?

Absolutely, since our modules are based on a framework. This means our developers can customise the modules to suit your wishes. Your assigned project manager will walk you through the process.

Where and how are the modules hosted?

EIKONA is a one-stop shop. EIKONA Hosting uses a long-term partner, q.beyond AG, whose main data centre is located in Nuremberg. Its services are specifically geared towards IT outsourcing and complex internet requirements such as streaming media and maximum availability. That makes it ideal for logistics software that has to work 24/7.

Can I test the individual modules free of charge?

Just contact us. We will set up a free demo account for you so that you can put the individual modules through their paces yourself.