EIKONA Yard Management

Turn your yard into a digital hub.

The dock and yard management software controls all the movements of vehicles and transport equipment in the yard.

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  • Real-time location of trucks and swap bodies
  • Digitalisation of transport documents
  • Driver communication via mobile app
  • Search functions for transport containers
  • Monitoring of security processes

Digital truck registration

Time is not the only perspective that plays a role in EIKONA Yard Management. You can also use our software to fully digitalise truck and driver registration processes. Say farewell to paper registration forms and the use of pagers on the premises!

Monitor vehicle safety

Does the driver have all the required load securement devices with them? With your checklist stored in our system, you can quickly check the safety status of vehicles picking up items. That way, you can always prove that you satisfied your duty of care as the shipper.

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Optimal dock occupancy for logistics professionals

In logistics facilities, all the cogs have to mesh seamlessly for processes to run exactly the way they're supposed to. This mainly entails precise timing and efficient planning for the area around your plant, i.e. the yard. Our EIKONA Yard Management module helps you create optimised transport processes from the plant gate to the unloading point. That guarantees that wait times are significantly reduced or even avoided and loading resources are utilised evenly. Obviously, it also improves your logistics operations in inbound and outbound distribution.

Real-time communication with the driver

You can guide delivery drivers right to the reserved dock from within the app. With real-time status messages, you always know whether a truck is waiting, being loaded or unloaded or has already left the yard again.

Exact timing for shipper and receiver

Do you want to send picked goods to your customers or are you expecting urgently needed production parts to arrive any moment? All logistics processes related to the yard and loading dock have to be synchronised with management of the inbound trucks. EIKONA Yard Management forms this exact interface between vehicle movements, such as entrances and exits, and other logistics processes at your facility.

Yard Management shortens turnaround and standing times

Our EIKONA Yard Management module is a powerful tool that allows you to plan your plant logistics in advance by providing early information about arriving trucks. The logistics movements that happen on the other side of your gate depend heavily on predefined time slots. Speed up turnaround times at your site with our EIKONA Yard Management module. Define exact time frames for arrival, loading or unloading and departure for carriers and freight forwarders.

In addition, our software lets you integrate the trucks' estimated times of arrival (ETA) into your planning processes. Our EIKONA Yard Management module can do a lot for you: Time slots tell you which truck should be where and when. You can see when a truck reaches a certain waypoint and use the dock and yard management tool to plan the dock loading process. This makes operations in your yard more efficient and faster by avoiding delays.

EIKONA Yard Management
For an organised yard

Smart software for fast truck dispatching.

Digital loading documents

Instead of sending paper documents, you can transmit them digitally using a web app or any connected third-party logistics app.

Clear vehicle positions

Maps can be used to mark the locations of trailers and swap bodies and define retrieval processes.

Informed control centre

Your yard dispatcher can see vehicles, docks and areas in the control centre visualisation and control the processes with the click of a mouse.

All the information in a compact format!

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Centralised management and orderly processes help logistics facilities operate faster.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I find swap bodies and trailers in the yard?

EIKONA Yard Management enables you to digitally document and manage the movement of swap bodies and trailers for loading and unloading processes.

How does the driver know when to drive to the dock?

EIKONA Yard Management tells the driver right in the truck cab when to drive to which dock.

How does the driver report to the yard?

There are several different options. Inbound traffic is managed manually by actively setting a status on the mobile device or automatically with a geo-fencing function.

Can I use EIKONA Yard Management to perform a departure check?

Yes. The software offers defined checklists for each transport order. Plant security can complete the checklists on a mobile device to verify that the truck is safe. The results can be analysed for quality management purposes.

Why does it make sense to use digital yard management?

Optimising yard traffic keeps the docks clear for incoming trucks, increasing throughput and reducing waiting times. That increases on-time delivery rates since all loading and unloading can be done immediately during the designated time slot. EIKONA does not treat the yard as an independent unit but views the logistics process in its entirety. EIKONA provides interfaces to ERP and TMS systems (goods and warehouse management software), time slot management as well as track and trace modules to follow goods movements.