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Reduce risk of cyberattacks with the EIKONA IT Security Check.

We put your IT infrastructure through its paces with our penetration test, making your IT more secure against cyberattacks.

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  • Tighter IT security
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  • Reduced costs for cyber insurance
  • Future-proof IT
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Thwart attackers with penetration testing

Are you in the 50% who think they will never be hacked? Even though about 3/4 of all German companies have already been victims of an attack? Our services are specifically aimed at small and medium-sized logistics companies that want to protect themselves from cyberattacks and close gaps in their security. It pays to be fast! An attack can happen any day.

Know the security vulnerabilities

The cyberattack threat faced by companies – especially in the logistics industry – grows every day! Almost every firm has basic protection – but that is no longer enough. If you fail to act, your risk of multi-day system outages after an attack will increase enormously. And if just one party in the supply chain fails, everyone else is affected as well. This poses economic threats – including ransom demands and theft of sensitive data. In the worst-case scenario, you won't even know that you have been hacked. Too few companies are taking advantage of regular penetration testing to identify security vulnerabilities. Stay ahead of the pack and protect yourself and your supply chain from attackers today!

You can only win with a vulnerability analysis

After an EIKONA penetration test, you will receive a detailed report tailored specifically to your needs. You choose what the penetration test should focus on. We use various scenarios to test the threats to your IT. Working with you, we act on our recommendations and improve your security. Protect your data and gain competitive advantages over competitors who lack an IT security plan. You can also cut your cyber insurance costs because your current security level is known, making your risk situation assessable.

are victims of cyberattacks.
billion euros in damage are inflicted each year.
of German SMEs consider the risk to be low.
Diagram showing the vulnerabilities related to the IT security of a company.

Different tests for different scenarios

In penetration testing, the customer's systems are deliberately penetrated with the customer's permission in order to identify vulnerabilities. It tests either the infrastructure, i.e. firewalls, WiFi networks, server systems or VPN accounts, or web applications such as web stores. The test can be performed in several ways. In a black box penetration test, the tester acts like a hacker who has no advance information about the IT and tries to penetrate the system.

White box penetration testing verifies that all the systems are running as they should. This produces a target/actual comparison for verifying that the IT security meets current standards. White box testers have all the information about the IT. In the third approach, grey box penetration testing, the tester knows some things about the IT infrastructure and tests defined areas of the IT. The test can be performed externally to simulate an attack from the outside or internally with a specific test objective.

At a glance:
EIKONA IT security check

The best thing about about it: you do not have to do anything in the meantime. Just keep working as usual.

Hacking your IT infrastructure

We spend two work days scrutinising your logistics IT – with your permission, of course.

Identification of security vulnerabilities

We will document and evaluate any vulnerabilities that we may find in your systems. That includes your supply chain, too.


We will draw up recommended actions for your IT security plan based on our findings.

Detailed report

At the end of this process, you receive a detailed manual report from our test.

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