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Your phone communications are in good hands with our Call Centre solution. And that frees you up to focus on the essentials.

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  • Web service for use by external service providers
  • Data transfer in real time
  • Database-supported telephony (CTI)
  • Structured dialog with clear results
  • Synchronised with Transport Management System

Call centre for more efficient communication

If you cannot automatically reach customers and recipients by email or text message, the phone is often the only option left. In that case, you will have to verbally ask for information that could otherwise have been provided with just a few clicks. For example, whether you want to arrange a preferred delivery date or time or find out how satisfied your customers are with your services. With our EIKONA Call Centre module, external service providers make the calls based on your instructions and you receive the results in real time.

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Conserve your own resources

External call centres or freelancers handle your phone communications with customers. That means you place part of the manual information flow in the hands of trained, experienced call centre agents. However, you can also work with internal call centres. But do not worry. You define the workflow and create structured templates to guide the dialogue in the phone calls.

Interfaces with your production environment

You need to keep working while a call centre fields calls for you. Deploying vehicles, planning tours, scheduling shipments. To get these preparations underway as quickly as possible, our EIKONA Call Centre module connects the communication professionals with your transport management system (TMS). You see all the delivery dates as soon as they are set up.

Link between phone and PC

With computer telephony integration (CTI), call centre staff do not even have to pick up a phone. CTI makes it possible to communicate directly over the PC and enter data in predefined input screens. This all can be done on desktops, web browsers or even mobile device apps. One click and the system automatically dials the number.

Screenshot of the English EIKONA notification software, showing the selection of a time window for provisioning.

It’s your (call centre's) call!

Our module allows external communication experts to cover one of the first touch points with your company. Leave all the phone interactions to true communication experts. From selecting a preferred date and time to advance booking value-added services to or surveying customers. You define what needs to be discussed and set out clear guidelines for the call with templates. That means you guide the phone operators to the very questions that will give you answers you will need for downstream order processing.

You create structured phone dialogues and set the tone. Courtesy and politeness are one thing. Knowledge of technical terms and the ability to use them effectively are also part of phone communications expertise.

In many areas, extensive automation helps you to streamline processes for customers, conserve your resources and cut costs. Still, phone calls are essential for the day-to-day running of a freight forwarding business, for example.

Ultimately, you take the make-or-buy decision with our EIKONA Call Centre module. The only thing you still have to do yourself is to find the call centre and put it under contract. The resources you save by not handling the communications yourself can be channeled into executing your core tasks.

EIKONA Call Centre
Always correctly connected

Let others make calls your way!

Customer satisfaction experts

Your customers will view trained call centre agents as powerful ambassadors for your services.

Continue working seamlessly

While your call centre is still on the phone for you, you can start planning the next transport trips in your TMS – with real-time information, of course.

Talk at the appropriate time

Place calls when people are available. A call centre will call households when freight forwarders have already gone home for the day.

All the information in a compact format!

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EIKONA Logistics Blog Successful notification with outsourcing

With the EIKONA Call Centre module, logistics service providers reduce their staff's workload, lower their process costs and reach recipients even after work hours.

Get the most out of your logistics!

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to use the EIKONA Call Centre in combination with EIKONA Notification?

Yes. This is also possible. Finally, the EIKONA Call Centre module represents another notification channel that can be combined with existing channels (email, text message, voice).

To what extent can concrete decisions and actions be derived from the conversations that the external service provider has with the customer?

Storing defined response actions lets you play the result from the call centre call back to your in-house system with a single click.