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EIKONA for shippers

Software for managing
shipping processes

Everything under control with the
EIKONA Logistics Cloud

Shippers need to work smoothly and efficiently with their transport partners. That requires not only shipment consolidation, but also real-time status information, less communication with docks and fast lead times. With the EIKONA Logistics Cloud, you manage your freight forwarders just the way that works best for you and your customers.

  • Time slot management minimises need for communication with the dock
  • Short wait times due to optimised delivery and pick-up processes
  • Procurement logistics at the push of a button
  • Shipment tracking across all shipping routes

Digital toolbox

Plan, manage and monitor your distribution logistics easily and transparently with the scalable EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules. Use exactly the digital toolbox tools that you need to work even more efficiently with your transport service providers.

Get better and better

Use the EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules to improve supply chain quality even more.

Business intelligence (BI) links different sources of data and information and provides you analyses and reports with information on opportunities for sustainable process improvements. You can, for example, see if you are allocating your loading docks inefficiently. Or find out how to save on logistics costs by planning transports intelligently. And you effortlessly track on-time order fulfillment. And that lets you get a little better every day.

Modular solutions for industry and commerce

The EIKONA Logistics Cloud for high-flyers.

Manage delivery times efficiently

Finished products have to get to the market – to retailers, to customers. This frees up storage capacity, generates revenue and honors delivery promises. You can manage your freight forwarders and carriers with utmost precision using the EIKONA Logistics Cloud. That translates into greater satisfaction for you, your partners and your customers!

Solutions for the dock

The dock is the sole gateway to the market, making it strategically significant. And that makes planning and managing loading and unloading processes so important and challenging. The EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules keep your premises organised and inbound traffic controlled. And that makes transport logistics fun for everyone (again)!

Collaborate effortlessly

When you manage your logistics processes, you work closely with partners in different companies. The EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules connect your data, integrate your processes into complex logistics chains and enable real-time communication at every point. That way, you won't miss a thing.

Mix and match:
Recommended modules for shippers

The EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules let you combine exactly the services and applications you need to digitalise your supply chain – for fast, simple customisation.

To the module overview

Well advised on the
tailor-made solution

Project management

Our trained and PMI (Project Management Institute) certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) sit down with you to select the appropriate project management method: traditional, agile or hybrid.

Process analysis

As we work toward a solution, our logistics experts analyse your current situation, define the project tasks, create a project plan and determine the project budget together with you.

Process optimisation

Two key insights dominate our thinking as experienced solution developers for logistics: Every project is different – except for one thing: Projects always need a clear goal.


We recognise, based on our experience and judgment, where our solutions are not yet perfectly aligned with your process. Together, we close the gap and get you started.

Keep your logistics chain in sync!

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