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EIKONA for logistics partnerships

The central hub in
your network

Everything under control with the
EIKONA Logistics Cloud

Multi-company and multi-site collaboration has always been part of the DNA of logistics partnerships and transport networks. The EIKONA Logistics Cloud is a toolbox that simplifies all processes along the supply chain, accelerates them, makes them more transparent and integrates all stakeholders. It is a real win for logistics professionals who want to step up their collaboration game.

  • Data hub for different requirements
  • Real-time delivery of process information
  • Fast, seamless data flow
  • Single point of truth for maximum data integrity

Harmonise processes

Supply chain processes are very similar – and yet differ from one company to the next. The EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules can be used to easily integrate different process environments and combine them into one big supply chain that is both efficient and transparent.

Unified processes. Successful relationships.

The EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules let everyone use the same software.

Information sharing across boundaries

Anyone who plans and controls logistics processes needs binding information in real time – across locations and companies. The EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules ensure that information flows exactly when and where it is needed. Quickly and securely.

Reliable and redundant

The EIKONA Logistics Cloud integrates data and information from different sources and IT systems on one platform. Since it employs the "single point of truth" approach, everyone along the supply chain has access to the same information. Perfect for networks.

Shared software

Many partners in your network use different IT systems. The EIKONA Logistics Cloud lets you give them the same IT solution for your shared services. Modular, flexible and scalable – just what your partnership needs.

Mix and match:
Recommended modules for logistics partnerships

The EIKONA Logistics Cloud modules let you combine exactly the services and applications you need to digitalise your supply chain – for fast, simple customisation.

To the module overview

Well advised on the
tailor-made solution

Project management

Our trained and PMI (Project Management Institute) certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) sit down with you to select the appropriate project management method: traditional, agile or hybrid.

Process analysis

As we work toward a solution, our logistics experts analyse your current situation, define the project tasks, create a project plan and determine the project budget together with you.

Process optimisation

Two key insights dominate our thinking as experienced solution developers for logistics: Every project is different – except for one thing: Projects always need a clear goal.


We recognise, based on our experience and judgment, where our solutions are not yet perfectly aligned with your process. Together, we close the gap and get you started.

EIKONA Logistics CargoLine GmbH & Co. KG
Sebastian Grollius, Head of IT and Project Management
One of our key goals was to achieve a developmental quantum leap with Octobus and get even better prepared for digitalisation. We handily achieved both goals.
Sebastian Grollius, Head of IT and Project Management

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