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Our EIKONA Map and ETA module instantly tells your customers when to expect their shipment. No one has to make phone calls any more.

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  • Precise information about planned arrival times
  • Supports telematics and GPS
  • Arrival forecasts with or without telematics
  • Visualisation of vehicles on a map
  • Consideration of standing and handling times

Don’t let your customers wait anymore!

As a freight forwarder, you deliver more and more shipments to private households. You want to offer them really good service, too. Or perhaps you get a lot of inquiries about delivery times. Consignees often cannot sit around at home all day waiting for their shipment to arrive. Our EIKONA Map and ETA module lets you provide very precise scheduling data: the consignee and your customer can both see the current position of the truck on a map and monitor its estimated time of arrival. It's all done automatically with a single keystroke. No need for a phone call or time-consuming research. Because your services are impressive.

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A screenshot showing the shipment status of a consignment. Below it is a map showing the planned arrival at the next stop.

Plan your processes based on ETA

All consignees have one thing in common: they want to know when the goods will arrive, whether they will be on time and how to plan their downstream processes. We help them by using our module to calculate the estimated time of arrival (ETA) automatically across the entire supply chain. On the map, you can see how far the truck is from your stop.

How does our module do it? It processes data from the vehicle's position, which it receives via GPS. It also incorporates information from the telematics system and planned routes. It then automatically calculates the driving time to the next stop, taking into account driving and rest times. Delays, such as those caused by traffic jams, are also included. For even better service, activate the delivery vehicle on the interactive map for your customer as it approaches their stop. You no longer need to call the driver or communicate by text.

Our EIKONA Map and ETA software solution also works when contracted carriers use vehicles that are not yet equipped with telematics systems. An ETA can be calculated from the correlation of planned and reported trip, stop and status data as well as historic information. Should the ETA ever change significantly, the system will send the consignee text or email alerts. Status messages also enable your dispatcher and customer service team to react proactively to delays.

Always know and see everything

The online tool for constantly updated truck arrival times.

Automatic ETA calculation

The days of phone calls and text messages are over. You and your partners know automatically and in real time when the truck has arrived at its destination.

Planning downstream processes

Align your logistics processes with the ETA and save a lot of time during preparation and follow-up.

Use of modern technology

The use of telematics and GPS data as well as AI-supported learning methods, allow a reliable calculation of arrival times.

Consistency in the process

Our module uses other process data if vehicles do not have telematics systems and GPS.

All the information in a compact format!

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EIKONA Logistics EIKONA Logistics launches ETA für CargoLine-costumers

What sounds quite simple – just predicting the arrival time of a shipment – is actually a complex combination of several factors.

Sebastian Grollius, Head of IT and Project Management at CargoLine GmbH & Co. KG

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Frequently asked questions

Can the ETA also be calculated when using different vehicles for transportation?

If your swap bodies are equipped with geotrackers, we can also calculate the exact ETA for means of transport such as trains or ships.

How does the EIKONA Map and ETA module calculate the estimated time of arrival?

The calculation logic pulls trip, stop and status data from your database. If any of the parameters exceeds a predefined threshold, the estimated time of arrival for subsequent stops is recalculated and communicated to all affected parties.

My system already calculates the estimated time of arrival, how can I show the information to customers?

This is not a problem. We take the estimated time of arrival from your system and display it in the EIKONA Map and ETA module over an interface.