EIKONA Address Consolidation

Turn many into one: address standardisation

The software helps you transform multiple versions of an address into a single standardised address. This will significantly increase your delivery quality.

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  • Fuzzy logic for pattern recognition
  • Automatic standardisation of spellings
  • Data analysis with uniform address data
  • Capture additional data to use as basis for different processes
  • Deletion of duplicates

Automatically improved master data

It's hard to make a successful deliver when addresses are spelled in more than 20 different ways. Our EIKONA Address Consolidation module turns the many different addresses into a single standardised address and centrally manages master data from many different data sources ‚Äď by using a web service link for all locations and regional operations of freight forwarders and alliances.

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Deliver on time

Our system uses fuzzy logic in order to recognise the desired consignee in spite of all the differences.

You can then enrich the correct data record with further information: add registration information, opening hours and special material requirements. And that sets you up to be perfectly prepared in the future. The automatic analysis in conjunction with EIKONA Power BI Integration also employs standardised data. It shows you the benefits of consolidation: if you have a clean address, you will deliver on time more often.

Module uses many data sources

Our software compares addresses from all your source databases, including the transportation management system (TMS) or customer relationship management (CRM). You can also add additional data through an interface. When delivering to consumers, the API to the Deutsche Post address database tells you whether you can deliver to the stated address.

EIKONA Address Consolidation
Standardised data ‚Äď no maintenance required.

Create a solid data set.

Synchronisation of address data

Our module will build a reliable database from multiple data sources.

Automatic data adjustment

You no longer have to correct anything manually because our software compares all values line by line.

Address as standardised data basis

Standardised addresses form the basis for a central database that you can use in all your processes.

All the information in a compact format!

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EIKONA Logistics Blog Address consolidation

Different spellings for the same recipient: address consolidation allows freight forwarders to match and merge addresses with software.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the stored logic automatically consolidate the addresses in the background or is it possible to check the address matches in advance?

You can verify matches and update address links through a web interface.

Is it possible to find out whether an address is a commercial address or a private recipient address?

Automation systems provide various identifiers that can be used to classify an address.