EIKONA Time Slot Management

The digital calendar for your loading operations.

With our time slot management software, your freight forwarders simply book loading and unloading times: book online, load on time, move on quickly.

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  • Overview of time slots, docks and resources
  • Interfaces to ERP and telematics systems
  • Create and assign time slots
  • Automatic update with real-time data (GPS/ETA)
  • Planning suggestions with a single mouse click
  • Time slots booked based on granular rules

Precise dock management

As a shipper, you are the master of all your processes – including the processes at the loading dock. You set the pace. But you want the outgoing goods and merchandise to be ready exactly when they are supposed to leave the dock. After all, you can only handle one truck at a time at a dock. EIKONA Time Slot Management optimises all your scheduling.

Time Slot Booking meets Yard Management

Time Slot Management and yard control are closely related – after all, the booked time slots have a very specific impact on all yard operations. That's why our EIKONA Time Slot Management and our EIKONA Yard Management solutions can be perfectly combined. With the help of the booked time slots, you can fully automate processes on your yard and optimize dock utilization.

Time savings for drivers

Your freight forwarders and carriers also benefit from EIKONA Time Slot Management. You book time slots for their drivers to deliver or pick up shipments. And if you link EIKONA Time Slot Management to common driver apps, all stakeholders will know the truck's current position at any time. That allows rapid responses to trucks running behind schedule and spares drivers the hassle of long waits.

Control all yard processes digitally

Good organization starts at the gate. That's why our EIKONA Yard Management software allows you to control all steps on the yard digitally – from the registration of the vehicle at the gate to the allocation of parking spaces, the check-in at the designated ramp up until the departure. A digital overview always shows updated information about available resources at specific locations. The ramp management is also made easy: the driver receives the appropriate ramp location via app or text message, where the loading personnel are waiting with the required goods. Waiting and transit times of trucks are thus reduced to an absolute minimum.

The best modules for your perfect
supply chain. Simple and straightforward.

Add these modules to EIKONA Time Slot Management:

Light blue symbol image of a clock for schedules.

Reserve docks and loading zones exactly when you need them for deliveries or pickups. You schedule the times to prevent traffic congestion in your yard, in front of your plant gate or on all the inbound routes. Booked time slots, tailored to your resource utilisation, help you optimise loading and unloading processes.

Light blue symbol image for appointment suggestions.
Automatic time slot suggestions

Our EIKONA Time Slot Management module suggests suitable time slots for scheduling while taking account of constraints such as opening hours, dock occupancy or required loading time. You can manually edit the time slot suggestions and reschedule accordingly. The optimal software solution for a digital timetable for your loading activities.

Light blue symbol image as a flash for dynamic coordination.

Respond quickly to disruptions and obstacles in the inbound process with our EIKONA Time Slot Management module. If you cannot stick to a time slot, we will automatically report the delay to the freight forwarder. On the other end of the process, your loading supervisor is notified if incoming trucks are delayed and can tweak the processes accordingly by swapping time slots or making other changes.

Light blue icon with clock and person on dark blue background.
resource management

Any number of areas can be assigned to each location. For example, if it is already clear during the booking of a time slot that the goods must go to the external warehouse, the user can pre-allocate this and only has to select the loading area later. An overview always shows which resources are currently in use and which are still available.

Light blue icon for schedule on dark blue background.
truck yard management

Together with EIKONA Yard Management, our EIKONA Time Slot Management enables track and trace of all movements on the yard. Time stamps document every single step of the truck on the yard. This way, all movements of the vehicles can be optimally tracked, which significantly facilitates managing all events on the yard.

Light blue icon which has a dark blue section at the bottom right with a light blue hook.
Transparent communication

Our software covers all aspects of communication between the shipper and the incoming and outgoing freight forwarders. When will each truck arrive? Who is stuck in traffic? Which ramp should the driver go to? The EIKONA Time Slot Management system provides the answers automatically, ensuring that ramp personnel, drivers, and loading supervisors always know what the next step is.

Define the rules with Time Slot Management

You call the shots in your logistics activities: If you define fixed time slots for your freight forwarder's drivers, you can align your processes with them. The trucks will not line up to be loaded until your production is ready and the loading has been prepared. Using the Time Slot Management module, you can tailor your interactions with partners to mesh seamlessly with your processes. The trucks will not arrive at your location until your goods are ready and your staff can support the loading process.

If you also integrate our EIKONA Yard Management module, you can also control the processes on your premises. Then you simply navigate the trucks to the correct loading point. In addition, drivers find out exactly what their next task is: on their smartphone, by text message, in an industry-standard telematics app or in the supplied web app. This reduces wait and idle times.

EIKONA Time Slot Management
Tips for perfect planning

This makes your logistics even better.

1. Realistic time frames

Dimension the loading bay so that it is sufficient for loading or unloading.

2. Real-time monitoring

Keep in touch with arriving vehicles to keep the plan up to date.

3. Automatic communication

Use direct data exchange to reduce manual effort.

What is Time Slot Management?

With a time slot management system, loading points control their scheduling. They set up a timetable and assign fixed times for loading and unloading. This enables production planners and intralogisticians to make precise preparations: they coordinate staff deployment and ramp occupancy with time slot management. Freight forwarders who want to deliver or collect goods automatically receive the option of time slot booking from the time management software, including electronic confirmation.

EIKONA Time Slot Management
Precision landing at the loading docks

The time slot management system for controlling and monitoring delivery traffic.

Fast logistics processes

Precise scheduling speeds up loading and unloading, supports process preparation workflows and reduces driver wait times.

Economic use of space

Scheduling allows you to always make room at your dock for the packages that are going out next.

Smart connection

If you use EIKONA Time Slot Management with our EIKONA Yard Management module, you will create an integrated process.

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EIKONA Logistics Blog Time slot management: efficient processes on the yard

A forwarder, a truck and the needed goods meet at the ramp at exactly the right time. Sounds like a joke – but it's not!

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to evaluate the freight forwarders’ adherence to schedules?

Different statuses allow departures from the time slot to be visualised and evaluated.

How is the length of a possible time slot defined?

Time slot lengths can be specified by various parameters depending on the loading and unloading situation.