EIKONA Task Management

Have structured responses to deviations from the standard process.

Be prepared for the typical exceptions: EIKONA Task Management enables you to digitise your "exception management" to handle special tasks based on defined templates.

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  • Text modules in different languages
  • Process standard/ standard process for claims management
  • Configurable workflow chains
  • Automatically store information with the shipment or in the order
  • Chat-based communication
  • Rights-based usage

Exception management: Tackling exceptions in a standardized way

When you use our software, you are always perfectly prepared. Even if one of your orders doesn't go according to plan. Then, you can employ templates and workflows to handle these deviations in a structured way. Everyone who is part of the process receives instructions for a return transport or claims processing. You can define these instructions as tasks in our EIKONA Task Management module and document all communication relating to the shipment directly. This way, you effortlessly initiate the next steps. In any language you use.

Efficient exception management: Dealing with disruptions in the transport process

What is exception management? 
In a smooth transportation process, all components interlock seamlessly, from the warehouse to delivery, and ensure that the goods reach the recipient on time. The reality is often very different. A tiny deviation is enough to bring the entire process to a standstill. In the worst-case scenario, this deviation increases and leads to massive problems. This is where exception management is required. This means dealing with exceptional situations in a structured manner within a largely standardized regular operation.

React perfectly

You can predefine structured processes for all situations that you already know. The receiving company simply selects the right answer to typical questions from a shipping company. In this way, you always process the same cases in the same way, avoid discussions and put things straight in your exceptions.

Typical questions that a receiving company might ask the shipping company or the sender:
- Delivery address: "Can you confirm the exact delivery address?"
- Contact person: "Who will accept the delivery?"
- Delivery instructions: "Are there any special instructions for delivery?"
- Condition check: "Has the shipment been damaged externally?"
- Documentation: "Do you need specific documents or accompanying papers?"
- Refusal of acceptance: "What information do you need?"

The shipping company then selects the appropriate response depending on the individual requirements and conditions of the delivery.

Free text in real time if templates are not sufficient

If text modules are not sufficient and free text has to be used, real-time translation is particularly useful: in EIKONA Task Management, all languages are translated into the target language in real time, with the source language being recognised automatically. This allows you to communicate effortlessly with your partners and stakeholders in different languages without language barriers affecting the process.

The best modules for a perfect
supply chain. Simple and straightforward.

Add these modules to EIKONA Task Management:

Integrated chat function

Once you have decided on a course of action, EIKONA Task Management records the current status with each action. For additional arrangements, we have integrated a chat function that directly documents all messages relating to the shipment or the current process.

Escalate in peace

If errors occur despite excellent agreements, our EIKONA Task Management will help you. It documents your steps and shows what was agreed. You can also define and monitor response times and deadlines here. The escalation process is used to deal with the customer or other partners involved in the service if deviations are identified. These deviations can arise for various reasons, whether for quality or time reasons. As part of this process, escalation levels are defined that entail corresponding requirements in order to deal with the deviations appropriately and find solutions.

Conflict resolution: Escalation management in logistics

The logistics industry is often associated with various risks, such as delivery delays, damage to goods or quality problems. Structured escalation management helps to identify these risks and deal with them appropriately before they escalate into major problems. Analysing these findings makes it possible to take targeted measures to improve processes and minimise future problems.

If you work on logistics orders together, you share the open tasks. With our EIKONA Task Management module, you will find the right formal structure for this. In addition to your agreements on who is responsible for which steps, it also controls the details. The small tasks that remain on your to-do list. Agree on times and set deadlines for them. EIKONA Task Management documents what you have already done and shows what you still have to do. So that you can complete your tasks together.

EIKONA Task Management
Specify work steps digitally

Use this tool to manage unexpected tasks and disruptions professionally.

Fixed responsibilities

Decide who should do what task, how, and by when.

Secure documentation

You can transparently document your work results along all process steps.

Digitalisation accelerator

Delegate your tasks to people or companies along the supply chain without media discontinuity.

Use case: Refusal of acceptance

Thesis: Damaged packages often lead to the recipient refusing to accept them.
 Solution: Automated decisions based on predefined criteria and workflows determine whether the package is returned to the shipping partner or the goods are scrapped.

The software therefore guarantees the processing of complaints and returns, increases customer satisfaction through fast processing and leads to considerable cost savings through reduced returns and processing costs. The data generated helps to avoid future exceptions.

Use case: Damage management
for freight forwarders

In conjunction with their claims management software, haulage companies can efficiently process transport damage during deliveries and handle them in a structured manner using predefined workflows:

Damage report and recording

Users can report transport damage quickly and easily via EIKONA Task Management. Intelligent interfaces enable the automatic creation of a damage file in the damage management system.

Predefined and standardised workflows

EIKONA Task Management offers predefined and standardised workflows for claims processing. These workflows clearly define the steps from reporting and assessment to decision-making and implementation of measures.

Documentation and images

Users can comprehensively document damage by uploading photos, filling out damage forms and creating reports. This documentation and the image material are directly available in EIKONA Task Management and support damage processing.

Communication tools

Integrated communication tools in EIKONA Task Management enable effective communication between all parties involved. Users can send messages, share documents and leave comments or notes to facilitate collaboration.

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EIKONA Logistics Blog Smart collaboration: Work together wisely and efficiently

Logistics processes have to be clear and integrated to enable efficient collaboration. Logistics specialists use workflow-based task management to ensure everyone knows what needs to be done.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I communicate with, say, my shipping partner or my customer in EIKONA Task Management?

EIKONA Task Management can be accessed right from EIKONA Track and Trace and allows chat-based communication with predefined questions and answers about a trip or shipment. That avoids time-consuming emails.

In what area of logistics is it best to use EIKONA Task Management?

The tool is perfect for customer service. EIKONA Task Management enables you to respond effectively and consistently to non-conformities in the logistics process. It can also be used for areas such as complaints and returns management.

In what language can I create the workflow?

There are no language barriers in EIKONA Task Management. You can define all the instructions in any number of languages.