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We define our services with you in our Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Clearly and unambiguously. Without hidden ifs and buts. Our IT service team will then take care of your end devices, telephony, hardware and software issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we are happy to arrange guarantees for availability and start-up times.

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Hardware monitoring

With our monitoring software, we can proactively monitor all hardware components and replace them at an early stage or fix emerging problems even before they become apparent to you.

Software monitoring

We monitor the functionality of your software via scripts and APIs. We collect all values in order to detect emerging problems as early as possible. We can monitor our EIKONA Logistics Cloud and EIKONA Enterprise Platform down to the smallest detail.

Server monitoring

We have the utilisation of your and our servers under control at all times. If the parameters deviate from the norm, we check their dependencies on other parameters. If there is a need for action, we intervene immediately to prevent a failure.

Full Service: We solve your problem at all levels! Fast.

As a full service provider, we pay close attention to ensuring that you can use your business-critical processes and applications without restriction at all times: We keep them available at all times and ensure that the solutions work according to your wishes. We achieve this through IT-supported monitoring, in-depth controls of data flows and proactive intervention.

For your systems, we provide service at all levels: With our teams, we form a closed chain from support for IT operations (1st level), applications and hardware (2nd level) to the developers of your solutions (3rd level). All these professionals work together for you in one house and make sure you can work the way you need to.

Whenever it's needed: we want to help! In doing so, we are fast and agile. So if, despite the greatest care, there is ever a disruption, we work on a solution immediately. Even at night or on weekends, of course. As quickly as possible.

If another IT service provider is involved, we will also take care of its control if necessary.

Why is intensive monitoring so important?

The advantages of monitoring are obvious: problems and failures are usually announced at an early stage and can be remedied in time. Our strength lies in the interpretation of all values outside the normal range, which we collect via API or scripts, among other things. The more than 276,000 active values include processing time, memory consumption, time, infrastructure, hardware and temperature values as well as malfunction times, throughput times and CPU load. If a value falls outside the normal range, we establish correlations with other values and discuss whether action is required. An example: If the server load is unusually high for a few hours after work, there must be a cause. The first step is to find out what the cause is before we blindly renew the components. A very simple reason could be the daily backup. In this case, the load is not a problem.

Especially in software monitoring, we can quickly identify the interrelationships in your processes thanks to our in-depth logistics expertise. In the solutions within the EIKONA Logistics Cloud and EIKONA Enterprise Platform, we have directly integrated the monitoring tool to read out as many values as possible. This allows us to very quickly determine whether there is a problem with an order, for example. With third-party software, we collect all the values that the manufacturers provide us with. If there is a problem, we can contact the manufacturer directly and solve it as quickly as possible. Especially in critical logistics infrastructures, it is important to ensure that the systems run reliably and with high availability. In addition, our software keeps track of the constant updating of anti-virus software so that your systems are protected at all times.

Frequently asked questions

What information should I have ready so that my issue can be resolved as quickly as possible?

The more information we have about a case, the faster that case can be resolved. Useful information includes customer number, ticket number (if applicable), screenshots, logs, attempted solutions, etc.

How can I submit the information to the Support team?

The best way to submit it is via your customer portal account or by email.