EIKONA Freight Clearing

Clearing module and freight cost calculator for co-operations and freight forwarders.

Our freight clearing software offers a unique combination of real-time freight valuations and automated clearing processes.

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  • Mapping of complex tariff structures with real-time evaluation
  • Automated and rate-based invoicing
  • Consideration of interrupted transports with several participants
  • Transparent presentation of invoice runs and individual valuations
  • Comprehensive and integrated change management for deviations
  • Integration with other relevant systems, such as TMS and order entry

Calculate and manage freight costs

As a supplement to our EIKONA Spot Price, a simple tariff calculator, the EIKONA Freight Clearing module offers you automated clearing billing and centralised control of your tariffs. This allows you to map complex freight structures and provides you with various tariff options depending on products, routes, weight classes and other relevant factors such as tolls and diesel. You can manage your tariffs on a partner, customer and client-specific basis by assigning individual rules to them. The software calculates your consignment charges either directly in EIKONA Freight Clearing or via a REST interface from your transport management system. Freight cost management enables you to manage and optimise the costs of transporting goods and merchandise.

Freight clearing for billing and clarification of freight costs

Freight clearing refers to the process of settling and clarifying freight costs between different parties involved in transport and logistics activities. It is a financial transaction method that ensures that the costs of transporting goods between forwarders, carriers, transport companies and other parties involved are handled clearly and transparently. EIKONA Freight Clearing provides you with the basis for financial settlement between different partners through backbilling, clearing and netting. The comprehensive change management in the area of invoicing enables corrections to be made to items to be invoiced. This allows problems to be resolved quickly and at the same time ensures transparency between the clearing parties and trust in the billing process.

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Who can benefit from EIKONA Freight Clearing?

  • For corporationsThe software makes it possible to link cooperations and partners, which facilitates mutual invoicing. The software evaluates consignments and transports in real time. These results serve as the basis for billing in the clearing process. Thanks to the comprehensive and integrated change management, deviations can be made bilaterally between the participants.
  • For freight forwardersEIKONA Freight Clearing is also aimed at freight forwarders who want to offer their customers transport prices in real time. This real-time data enables them to offer their customers an outstanding service. The result is then transmitted in milliseconds via REST APIs to connected systems such as order entry and daily pricing tools. By using shared tracking links, manual control calls can be replaced. This not only optimizes their processes, but also creates a seamless and efficient customer experience.

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Real-time freight valuation for immediate price information

The ability to immediately determine clear transportation costs and offer online booking opens the door to new business relationships. In e-commerce, you can offer your customers transparent and immediate price information, which increases customer satisfaction and boosts conversion rates. For companies that operate internationally, this creates the basis for an efficient supply chain and successful collaboration with partners worldwide.

tariff management

Possibility to define and manage different tariffs and conditions, depending on products, routes, weight classes and other relevant factors.

Accounting-relevant changes

The tool enables the processing of accounting-relevant changes, such as incorrect weight information. Changes are initiated by an integrated release procedure for coordination and agreement between the partners before the invoice run.

Freight rates in
real time determine

EIKONA Freight Clearing offers functions for real-time rate searches and thus ensures fast and precise evaluation of freight shipments.

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Use EIKONA Freight Clearing to optimize your logistics processes,
control costs and strengthen cooperation with partners

EIKONA Freight Clearing is the solution for freight forwarders, cooperations and partners who want to master complex logistics challenges efficiently. The platform enables precise mapping of complex tariff structures and offers real-time evaluations of shipments to provide up-to-date information on transportation costs at all times. In complex supply chains, the tool takes broken transports into account and optimizes collaboration between the parties involved. 

The integrated change management enables the efficient correction of deviations such as incorrect weight specifications or incorrect routes or distances.

The platform speeds up the billing process and minimizes potential sources of error thanks to automated and tariff-based invoicing. A transparent presentation of invoice runs and individual assessments promotes trust between the partners.

EIKONA Freight Clearing integrates seamlessly with other relevant systems such as partners' transport management systems (TMS), accounting systems and central shipment tracking (track and trace). This integration increases the overall efficiency of your logistics processes.

EIKONA Freight Clearing
For a flexible and competitive logistics infrastructure

Seamless collaboration despite complex links between partners.

Tariff structure

The evaluation often begins with an analysis of the rate structure, which defines the set prices for various freight services and conditions.

Transportation costs

The costs for the actual transportation of the freight, including charges for distances, zones, weight, volume and other variable factors, are assessed. Broken transports consisting of several transportation steps are also taken into account.

Bilateral contractual conditions

The assessment takes into account the individual and bilateral agreements of customers and partners to ensure that all agreed services and conditions are met.

Additional costs and surcharges

In addition to the basic rates, additional costs and surcharges are also taken into account, such as tolls, fuel surcharges, CO2 compensation payments and other order-related fees.

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Häufig gestellte Fragen

Who is involved in the clearing process?

Participants in the clearing process are automatically all partners involved in the handling of the shipment. Additional participants can be defined as needed depending on the business process (Gateways/HUBs, network centers, external service providers, carriers, senders/orderers) and their services are then taken into account in the clearing settlement. A central clearing house also plays a role. The settlement can be carried out via a central clearing house (clearing recipient/donor). Of course, this can also be an external service provider who takes over the complete payment processing.

Which security measures are implemented in EIKONA Freight Clearing?

Implemented security measures ensure the safe exchange of sensitive data, including encrypted communication and access controls.

Is EIKONA Freight Clearing only relevant for large logistics companies?

No, EIKONA Freight Clearing is relevant for companies of all sizes as it helps to optimize logistics processes, control costs, and improve collaboration with partners.