EIKONA Digital Archiving

German GAAP-compliant and secure storage.

Store all shipment documents in a secure location to maintain a paper trail of events.

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  • Secure central storage
  • Automatic document generation from JSON / XML
  • Store content in an audit-proof manner
  • Comply with retention requirements
  • Store data from all sources
  • Real-time access for connected modules

Logistics software for archiving

As a logistics provider, you have to archive documents in order to record all events related to your services and present proof of them to customers. That includes proofs of delivery or consignment notes for shipments that you have transported as a freight forwarder. However, things go wrong sometimes. If they do, you need to have a digital damage report on the order at your fingertips and ready to share. Our EIKONA Digital Archiving module helps you with all these things. It stores all shipment documents in a database for you.

Generate documents automatically

By implementing digital processes, you have chosen not to use accompanying documents. However, if your customers still expect you to meet the service standard as before, you can automatically generate the desired documents with our EIKONA Digital Archiving module. To do this, we use templates designed to your specifications and directly incorporate the data captured in the process, provided it is in XML format. That way, you can hand over proofs of delivery (PODs) and delivery notes to your customers as requested, without ever having to transport paper again.

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Integrated PDF conversion

Our Digital Archiving module lets you back up all the documents created at each individual production step in the course of a logistics service. In other words, these are all documents that have been generated in relation to the shipment. They include consignment notes, delivery notes and proofs of delivery (PODs). Turn different input formats, such as JPEG or TIFF, into the audit-proof PDF format in order to make them fully available for follow-up processes.

Simplify claims processing

Given the large number of transports you handle every day, it is quite normal for damage to occur from time to time. This is annoying, but hardly preventable. Our Digital Archiving module lets you document and prove claims processes and amounts in every single case. Store damage reports and damage photos in a central location to retrieve them as needed at the touch of a button.

Save time, money and space

Gone are the days when you had to physically store documents and files in paper archives. Save space and time by automatically and electronically archiving and retrieving documents from your digital archiving system.

Available in EIKONA Track and Trace

You can easily provide your customers with shipment documents from your archiving system. You can then access all important documents right in EIKONA Track and Trace when you need it. You save time for customers and minimise security risks from forwarding.

EIKONA Digital Archiving
Find documents at the push of a button

The smart way to store shipment documents.

Automatic storage

You document consignment notes, delivery notes, PODs and damage reports in real time.

Central access

The documents are automatically available to your customers along the supply chain in Track and Trace.

Secure data transfer

Documents are uploaded to the archive using secure protocols such as FTPS or HTTPS.

All the information in a compact format!

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Digitalised and automated processes create a closed logistics chain that benefits everyone.

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Frequently asked questions

How are different document formats handled?

Existing documents uploaded as images are converted into an audit-proof PDFs. You can also generate PDFs from XML documents.

Yes. The EIKONA Digital Archiving module saves the data in a central database in full compliance with German GAAP. You can access the database at any time.

How can I digitally archive my freight forwarding files?

All business documents are required by law to be immutable. To do this, all records and documents have to be stored in a digital archive in an audit-proof manner. The records are also stored by order, so that you can look up individual transport orders years later. Data can thus still be accessed after billing. Documents without shipment references are managed by the EIKONA Document Management module as a DMS.