EIKONA Warehouse Management

Speed things up in the warehouse.

The warehouse contains your treasures. Our warehouse management software lets you find them much faster.

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  • Process control in real time
  • Book incoming goods using drag-and-drop
  • Tracks all goods movements
  • Plug-and-play system
  • No local installation necessary
  • Inventory security and traceability

Crystal clear in the warehouse

Are you a contract logistics specialist? If so, you know one thing for sure: You need to keep an eye on your inventory at all times. Stop keeping lists and involving countless people and resources in warehousing processes. There's an easier way. Our EIKONA Warehouse Management module lets you control the storage and movement of goods in your own system.

In real time

It covers the complete warehousing cycle: from order scheduling to picking and loading. It all happens in real time, regardless of the storage systems that you use. Define your downstream processes in detail, for example, when the goods leave your warehouse and enter distribution. You can even use our software in production supply operations to document all goods movements right up to machine loading so you can retrace them later.

The best modules for your perfect
supply chain. Simple and straightforward.

Add these modules to EIKONA Warehouse Management:

Control movements effectively

The straightest path is the best one – regardless of whether you use traditional racks, vertical lifts or paternoster systems in your warehouse, prefer manpower or employ automation. With our EIKONA Warehouse Management module, you keep movement to a minimum through accurate process planning – from the storage location to picking and loading.

Document everything transparently

Our tool lets you see your inventory or your customers' inventory at any time. You document everything on the basis of your orders, can track every move and thus trace every pallet item using batch numbers or even serial numbers. And that holds true whether the items are moving to distribution or production.

Fully support workflows on mobile devices

Warehouse processes have to mesh seamlessly. Our module connects man and machine and harnesses your warehouse systems to your employees' manpower. Combine technology with human skills. We guide your employees through all the work steps on mobile devices so that the overall process runs smoothly and everyone knows what to do.

Go big with us

With our EIKONA Warehouse Management module, we control the entire flow of materials throughout your warehouse or factory. We integrate it into your processes and support your supply chain seamlessly. We use interfaces to link our module to ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems such as SAP. This gives you maximum visibility and excellent tracking of the entire flow of goods. If necessary, we can customise the module to your individual needs. That gives you transparent control regardless of your racking technology or level of automation.

Our software does not stop at your warehouse gates. Hence the "go big" claim: We control the processes along the entire supply chain. This allows you to direct items picked for use in production on the next transport leg to the point of use – for just-in-sequence excellence. Our software dynamically calculates staging times for your products based on your process run times. That ensures that all items are ready to ship right when the truck arrives to pick them up.

EIKONA Warehouse Management
Straightforward warehouse management

Implement warehouse processes with software.

Smart solution, quickly established

Implement warehouse processes in a flash without investing in extensive infrastructure.

Expedited processes

Our Warehouse Management module makes sure that the goods are always in the right place at the right time – with minimum effort and expense.

Can be integrated into an overall system

Link our module with any ERP system and create a transparent logistics chain for yourself and your customers.

All the information in a compact format!

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EIKONA Logistics Blog Warehouse management systems control logistics warehouses efficiently

Warehouse management systems are the beating heart of logistics facilities. They control warehouses digitally and reduce logistics costs.

Get the most out of your logistics!

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Frequently asked questions

What ERP systems can be connected to EIKONA Warehouse Management?

We can generally connect any ERP system. The customisation may be more or less involved depending on the interface. We can handle anything from simple .csv files to XML files/IDOCs. Ask us what we can do for you.

What data can be exchanged over an interface to the ERP?

Different data can be transferred depending on the process. It includes master data such as articles, expected inbound goods for the inbound goods process or deliveries/orders for outbound goods. It is also possible to output inbound or outbound goods data to the ERP and transfer inventory-related postings from the WMS to the ERP for inventory management purposes.

What warehouse systems can be connected?

In a warehouse, you need to connect the various systems with one another to ensure the best possible process flow. This means interconnecting storage systems such as automatic small parts storage systems, high-bay warehouses with SRMs, lean lifts or shuttle systems. We will be happy to advise you on the best way to connect your storage system!