Yard management organises processes behind the factory gate

Yards are self-contained ecosystems in which production processes and related logistics tasks have to be coordinated and harmonised. Managing inbound truck traffic at a yard particularly needs a process that continues at the site gate. Yard management performs this function by controlling truck movements within the yard, from entering and exiting at the gate to weighing, unloading at inbound dock and loading at outbound dock. It integrates logistics with production. It also collects and evaluates status data on the trucks in the yard. Yard management is the interface between conventional transport - i.e. road or rail transport - and intralogistics and the warehouse management system at the production site.

Digital yard management reduces wait times

Digital yard management enables transparent, highly granular scheduling of inbound and outbound trucks at the docks. It no longer depends solely on the coordinator's instincts but can combine and organise many simultaneous processes. Loading and unloading processes at the dock are particularly time-consuming. Bookable time slots for delivery streamline internal processes and reduce waiting times for truck drivers. It also makes the site more attractive to these operational workers. Multilingual check-in terminals or digital booking windows reduce language barriers. Digital data acquisition improves data quality as well. Highly plannable access control processes increase safety and security at the site.

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