Time slot management simplifies inbound traffic management

Inbound transport management for production sites, distribution centres or for outbound transports in the form of smooth truck traffic involves managing different traffic flows. Time slot management coordinates this entire process along with rendezvous transports. The coordination of inbound and outbound transport management ensures timely and properly sequenced deliveries (e.g. just in sequence and just in time) and the smooth transport of goods. That makes the logistics process more transparent because the logistics chain partners use firm schedules and can coordinate their processes accordingly. To do this, time slots have to be booked electronically via online tools or loading terminals. Customers and partners can control their loading and coordinate through a common system. Trucks are thus carefully coordinated via web-based application platforms.

The absence of a time slot management system hinders smooth logistics processes

Without reliable time slot management, trucks will have to wait before entering and exiting facilities and storage sites, unloading at the dock and then loading any outgoing cargo. This is frustrating and slows down traffic flows unnecessarily. It is often not clear in advance when trucks will arrive for loading or unloading. On the other hand, freight forwarders often do not know the time slots in which they can expect their trucks to be processed through. This wastes time and money. Resources remain unused; capacity utilisation is irregular. Electronic time slot management is the simplest solution to these problems.

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