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Enjoy secure, connected, high-performing supply chains with our network solutions for LANs, WANs and Wi-Fi.

Network systems for logistics

Whether you want to optimise your current network or build something new, functioning IT infrastructure always requires professional planning, expert commissioning and continuous monitoring. We will install a next-generation firewall and set up a dedicated IT security and backup solution to protect you from unauthorised outside access and unwanted data traffic in general.

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Secure site network

You need a secure site network when communicating with your logistics partners or when your employees work remotely or at different logistics centres. We set up a secure tunnel so you can access your data over a site-to-site or client-to-site VPN. Adjacent sites can also be connected through high-performance wireless technology. We look at your situation and develop a high-availability solution, including backup connections, so that you can work in a secure high-performance network.

Planning is key to every wireless network

Every functioning high-performance wireless network starts with a thorough planning phase. That is because Wi-Fi faces special challenges in the logistics industry: changing stock, temperature fluctuations, different materials or dust. We simulate expected signal attenuations and reflections with our software and place the access points in a way that guarantees reliable connections to any device at any time. In mobile warehouse processes, our seamless roaming solution keeps connections stable whenever access points change. We specifically select the hardware based on your circumstances. After the implementation, we check your Wi-Fi reception and fix anything that could be interfering with it.

Failure safety, rapid return to working order

We can employ various tools and measures to keep your networks fail-safe. For example, a ring topology ensures that all the components can always communicate with each other, even if the cable is damaged. In addition, it is important to get failed components up and running again as quickly as possible. To do this, we design your network topology for optimal protection. We use separate cable guides and cable raceways for server rooms and warehouses. Backup network components, such as switches, routers, and access points, automatically take over in the event of a failure (i.e. "hot failover"). Another option is to store additional components in your warehouse so you can access them immediately in case of malfunctions (i.e. "cold failover").

Sophisticated network systems
for logistics.

WAN and LAN for logistics requirements

The IT infrastructure at your site is a lot like the nervous system. If one area fails, the entire organism suffers. To meet your logistics needs, your network has to be secure, scalable, adaptable and high-performance. We will advise you on your choice of provider and hardware and implement your network so that it will meet your requirements at all times. If you operate multiple sites, we will set up VPN tunnels or wireless connections, for example.

Fast Wi-Fi in every warehouse

It is hard to imagine a modern-day logistics warehouse without fast, stable Wi-Fi. More and more mobile devices now access warehouse networks in order to transmit data in real time. This data is then shared with everyone in the supply chain, keeping them up to date. We will plan, design, build and monitor the Wi-Fi network in your logistics warehouse. And that frees you up to focus on your logistics business.

IT security for secure supply chains

It has never been more important to connect different locations and share information in real time with everyone in the supply chain. That is why logistics companies are increasingly falling victim to hacker groups. To protect themselves, they are turning to sophisticated IT security and backup solutions and next-generation firewalls. They know that if one component fails, the entire supply chain will suffer.


All-in-one solution!

  • Professional network planning
  • Fault analysis of existing Wi-Fi networks
  • Next-generation firewall
  • Needs assessment for hardware components
  • Expert commissioning
  • Secure multi-site networks

Network management for logistics

Logistics companies are using more and more software solutions and mobile devices in order to communicate better up and down the supply chain. This has increased the complexity of the network equipment and the requirements it is expected to meet. More and more effort is involved in managing networks and integrating sites, thereby overloading IT departments. We support your IT staff and future-proof your network solutions. First, we establish your networks' current baseline.

To ensure everything runs smoothly, we automatically configure new components such as routers, switches, access points or firewalls. We use our own software to monitor your networks, distribute loads and so can take action before failures occur. To protect your data traffic from unauthorised access, we implement firewalls and keep them updated. If an adverse incident occurs, everyone will know exactly what to do thanks to our sophisticated IT security and backup plan.

Logistics requirements
for network equipment

Logistics never stands still. The supply chain runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
You should expect the same thing from your network equipment.

Failure safety

We set up and monitor your network equipment so that we can be proactive before problems or failures occur.


We get the most out of your network and make it scalable so that you can operate at a high level for a long time.


Without network automation, the internal IT team has to expend much more effort on each site. We connect new locations quickly and easily.

Operation and support

In addition to planning and implementation, we can operate your network systems and offer 24/7 support so that you can always rely on us.

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