IT security

Through holistic IT management, you safeguard both your operations and the critical infrastructure in your supply chain.

Protect logistics chains

From inventorying all infrastructure components to testing hard drives to proactively warding off virus attacks, we cover all the bases and protect your entire IT structure from failure. We bring out-of-bounds operating parameters back into the normal range. This avoids the need for expensive, unscheduled service calls and lets us respond immediately.

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Proactive protection against viruses

One of the most common ways hackers get their hands on your data is by emailing your employees Trojans, viruses and malware in the form of links or file attachments. An attack is not always noticed immediately and can have devastating consequences. This is especially true in logistics where the entire supply chain can be affected by one person's blunder. We use reliable antivirus programs to scan data packets that arrive by email or are downloaded onto the computer. If we notice anything amiss, we isolate the infected systems to prevent the malware from spreading across the network. We also train your employees so that spam emails won't breach your defences.

Inventorying and testing hardware and software

Inventorying and testing your hardware and software is just as important to IT security as firewalls and virus protection. If updates need to be installed, inventorying helps you find all the devices, even if they rarely log into the network or are usually on the road. We can perform updates across your entire infrastructure through our management software. This also gives you an overview of the software that is used in your company. Outdated software often harbours security vulnerabilities that inventorying makes easier to avoid.

At your side 24/7

Your logistics operation doesn't take breaks. Neither do we. To keep your processes running smoothly around the clock, 365 days a year, we provide ultra-rapid response times with 24/7 support. We work with you to define our services and response times in service level agreements (SLA). We will find the best solution for you as quickly as possible, whether by phone or support ticket.

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IT security consulting

Rigorous IT security is about more than just technology. In-depth consulting and support are necessary to keep strong security in place at all times. EIKONA is a certified security expert who can sustainably protect your logistics chain against security risks.

IT security check

We run a penetration test to detect and fix your vulnerabilities before hackers can sniff them out and access your systems. After our check, you receive a detailed report with recommendations to permanently protect your systems and reduce your cyber insurance premiums.

Managed services

From servers and clients to mobile devices, we will manage your infrastructure so your IT staff can focus on more important tasks. Our monitoring software enables us to act proactively before problems arise. We can simply and automatically integrate new components into your infrastructure or replace obsolete ones without any loss of performance.


All-in-one solution!

  • Inventorying
  • Hardware testing
  • Client and server monitoring
  • Penetration testing
  • Proactive protection against cyberattacks
  • 24/7 support
Transport port where numerous lorries are parked as a symbol of IT security in the KRITIS transport and traffic sector.

IT security for the KRITIS traffic and transport sector

To thoroughly protect critical infrastructure (KRITIS) in the traffic and transport sector, the German IT Security Act requires proof of IT security pursuant to ISO 27001. This includes special security measures and an information security management system (ISMS). Today, reliable and constantly updated IT security plans are the most effective protection against threats to your systems and networks. Cyberattacks can enter through any channel: by email, over the internet, through a file, or via a network vulnerability. There are many ways for hackers and other criminals to cripple systems.

Outages can affect businesses for hours or even days. Contingency plans must take effect as quickly as possible to safeguard supply chains, particularly in systemically important industries. Sensitive data can also be stolen or encrypted, causing major economic damage. Critical infrastructure must be constantly monitored due to the sheer number of events that can cause the IT system to stop functioning properly. We stay on top of everything, protect your systems from attack and can often fix problems before you even notice them.

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We are a reliable partner who can provide IT security for your company and offers the following benefits.

Superior protection

By detecting hacker attacks, checking antivirus programs, running penetration tests and implementing next-generation firewalls.

Secure networks

Smooth network operation by automatically checking event logs and testing all network connections at very short intervals.

Trouble-free systems

Trouble-free email communication with automatic system management and uninterrupted system and business processes.

Firewall and antivirus programs

We implement firewalls so that your data stays on your systems and is protected from outside access. We use virus protection software to lock down your email communication.

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