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As a managed service provider, we support your logistics company's IT systems remotely and preventively with automation while you focus on your core business.

Our service mindset

In our IT managed services, we handle all the IT tasks that you cannot or do not want to do yourself. We provide comprehensive assistance and, if desired, manage, operate and support your hardware, infrastructure and software for you. We detect problems preventively through our enterprise monitoring and fix them before they affect your logistics operations.

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Client server management

In our managed services, we ensure that your client-server networks, including all their components and systems, run reliably. Centralised remote management allows us to perform routine tasks such as updates or installations quickly and easily. We can access, monitor, and manage all your client-server architecture from a single interface. This includes not only monitoring and software deployment but also operating system installations and patch management, among other things.

Managed service for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, and especially Microsoft Teams, has gained tremendous importance as businesses have moved to work-from-home models. Microsoft 365 contains all of Microsoft's cloud services such as Hosted Exchange (email), OneDrive, Sharepoint and traditional Office applications. However, when it comes to security, archiving, data protection and backups, the corporate giant leaves customers to their own devices. EIKONA closes this gap and advises you on how to effectively integrate the applications into your company's business processes. We handle licensing, implementation, operation and technical support as a managed service.
In other words, we comprehensively support your Microsoft Office 365 products, including 24/7 access depending on your service level agreement (SLA).

Mobile device management

Mobile devices are indispensable tools in today's logistics operations. Software needs to be rolled out and updated promptly for security reasons and due to the fast-moving nature of processes. Our mobile device management solution manages all smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices remotely. This ranges from wirelessly configuring devices and monitoring settings to installing or remotely deleting or blocking individual applications or entire devices.

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Email archiving and security

You need archiving software to store original, unchanged emails in a tamper- and audit-proof way. EIKONA can provide a solution that gives you constant access to your emails even if your network or mail server goes down. That allows you to meet all legal requirements, reduce the load on your servers and retain access to all your data at all times. Emails are archived automatically in real time in combination with antispam and antivirus filtering.

Reliable protection against malware and spam

We offer dependable malware protection to avoid downtime and attacks by email. Adaptive spam detection prevents the delivery of unwanted email and checks incoming SMTP connections. Questionable messages are stored in a secure area outside your own network. Users can then determine for themselves whether to allow the message to be delivered. The system learns independently and will classify equivalent messages correctly in the future.

Block ransomware attacks

Viruses, malware, ransomware and exploits can inflict tremendous damage. Criminals smuggle them into logistics networks and often unobtrusively gain access to sensitive data. Our solutions, consisting of firewalls and antivirus protection, provide security against internet threats, are scalable and use deep learning to reliably detect known and unknown malware with or without signatures. In the event of an emergency, infected systems are automatically isolated and the malware is removed immediately, which ensures that your operations always stay secure.

Your benefits!

  • One face to the customer
  • Monthly billing based on usage
  • Less work for your employees
  • 24/7 support for your critical infrastructure
  • Highly available and secure solutions
  • Certified premium partnerships
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What are managed IT services?

As a managed service provider, we offer a wide range of IT services that are provided remotely and grouped under the umbrella of IT managed services. These are precisely defined services that we adapt to your needs and preferences. They can involve various activities, for example, regular monitoring of your IT resources in order to prevent or fix malfunctions and problems.

This particularly makes sense for you if you find IT maintenance too involved or want to outsource certain tasks.

However, you can entrust us to provide all your IT support, too.

With our IT managed services, you have the option of having us handle all your information technology tasks. Rather than having us provide complete IT support, you can also look
through our list of services and only pick those that your company needs.

We will jointly define the exact scope of your IT services in a service level agreement (SLA).

Managed services
for precisely defined IT services.

Modular and scalable.


We provide you with targeted advice in advance, look at your current situation and work with you to define the right IT strategy for you.

Process optimisation

Business process management (BPM) is a continuous process that has to be regularly adapted to new circumstances.

Response times

We offer high availability and short response times as part of our 24/7 customer support.


We put together flexible service package that suits your needs and grows as your requirements change.

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Frequently asked questions

Is a simple virus scanner enough?

The answer is clear: No! The anti-malware or anti-spam software filters before delivery, while the anti-virus programme filters after delivery, as this is installed on the user's device. Anti-malware and anti-spam check the contents of the e-mails and antivirus programmes check the attachments. Effective protection therefore relies on the combination of both filters.