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Hartmann provides information at a glance in a service portal

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  • One service portal for all service types
  • Automatic data provision
  • Integration of all data sources

Use case: EIKONA Track and Trace puts an end to order status searches on different platforms. The shipment tracking software shows all stakeholders all the information at a glance on a service platform.

What was the tracking challenge for Hartmann International?

To find out the status of their current orders, the logistics provider's customers had to go to various online platforms depending on the service type or mode of transport. The company was not yet using central logistics software with single sign-on. That meant compiling information entailed a great deal of manual effort for employees as well as extensive internal communication. In addition, information from business areas such as logistics was not available in real time, making it impossible to visualise the entire supply chain.

Solution: complete data integration and central service portal for shipment tracking

To provide order information as quickly and easily as possible, we first analysed the initial situation and defined the requirements together with the customer. One of the goals was to develop a one-stop service platform. The platform should bring together order information from all service areas in freight forwarding and logistics and present it in a customer-specific overview. In addition, customers should be able to enter and validate order information themselves.

EIKONA Track and Trace, our logistics software, provides our customers with information about all their orders, regardless of which of our services they may use. That away, they get the full picture much faster than before and can plan their operations based on our service information.
Nicolas Bergschneider
Head of IT at Hartmann International

Result: EIKONA Track and Trace for cross-divisional order monitoring

To meet these requirements, we introduced the EIKONA Track and Trace module from the EIKONA Logistics Cloud at Hartmann International. The software makes it possible to monitor the progress of all transport and logistics services from the moment an order is received. To achieve this, we integrated all external and internal data sources and merged them in the target systems. In the first stage of the project, we combined shipment tracking for general cargo, less than truck loads and full truck loads. In the second stage, we integrated the logistics area so that customers receive inventory information directly as well as an overview of current call-off orders. In addition, we integrated all aspects of sharing data with partnering freight forwarders into the application and connected the logistics service provider's service department. This has significantly reduced the need for internal communication when fielding customer inquiries. Air and sea freight orders were integrated in the third stage of expansion. This led to a huge improvement in the quality of the logistics provider's customer service because data is available automatically and much earlier.
Chatbots, which can respond to customer inquiries autonomously and automatically, are planned to be implemented in the next stage. In addition, more than 90 percent of the status responses will then be sent directly to Hartmann customers' operational applications. This will eliminate the need for regular searches on the internet platform.

Logistics benefits

  • Fully integrated service platform
  • Real-time information for shipment tracking from all work areas
  • Automatic information provision in real time
About the company

Hartmann International GmbH & Co. KG

Hartmann International organises general cargo transports, full and less than truck loads as well as surface transports in Europe. In addition to sea and air freight, the freight forwarder also provides relocation services. The company works within the CargoLine, Online Systemlogistik and CTL networks. It also offers contract logistics, value-added services and logistics consulting. It maintains a branch office in Ibbenbüren in addition to its main office in Paderborn.

How does Track and Trace work?

Shipment tracking is one of the first digital services that logistics service providers offered to customers. The core idea was to pass on status messages quickly and concisely. These messages were generated by scans at the physical interfaces of the transports. Today, Track and Trace fulfills an important task in monitoring. It lets stakeholders track orders across the entire supply chain, for example for transports by truck, air or sea, or logistics orders. To accomplish this, all the steps in order processing are digitally captured and documented, and the current status is shared with the connected parties on a service portal.

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