WiFi fit for pick-by-voice

With the new WiFi from EIKONA Logistics, Fressnapf's central stores are equipped for the future.

In the foreground you can see a central warehouse of Fressnapf, which was equipped with WLAN from EIKONA Logistics.
  • Continuous network optimization
  • Faster roaming
  • Five years of investment security

Due to the optimally planned and implemented network optimization by EIKONA Logistics, the WiFi in the central stores of Fressnapf becomes fit for Pick-by-Voice.

There was a need for action at Fressnapf.

More than 400 devices connected to one network at the same time, a large number of them pick-by-voice clients for goods picking that issue voice announcements and receive voice confirmations - this was simply too much for the WiFi at Fressnapf's central warehouse in Krefeld.

Solution: A state of the art wireless network

Because recurring errors could not be corrected adequately with the existing hardware, EIKONA Logistics equipped the logistics facility with LANCOM access points during operation. The new access points now span a state-of-the-art wireless network.

With the new WiFi from EIKONA Logistics, our central warehouses are equipped for the future. Performance, hall illumination and security are optimally suited for pick-by-voice picking.
Christoph Mohr
Head of Logistics Processes and Systems at Fressnapf

Cargo handling as a challenge

Changing stored goods make logistics halls a particularly challenging terrain for reliable and powerful WiFi coverage. This is because packaging and materials with changing physical properties affect the wireless network to varying degrees. Therefore, EIKONA Logistics has now installed a controller-controlled network at the headquarters of the pet supplies chain, which continuously optimizes its transmission power live. Since then, steel drums at the same storage location, where paper bags were stored the day before, no longer influence the signal quality. On the approximately 60,000 square meters of the logistics facility, 111 LANCOM access points ensure that all clients deployed have reception from at least three devices at any point in the hall at all times.

Floor plan of a warehouse for Implementation planning for the WLAN.
With so-called heat maps, signal strength, channel overlaps, distribution of access points and much more are determined in advance. This way, the implementation can be reliably planned and there are no surprises on site.

Focus on stable performance

When it comes to performance and network stability, EIKONA Logistics has made no compromises. Because Fressnapf has been picking with pick-by-voice technology since 2017, which requires stable real-time communication. A demanding requirement. This is because the facility covers an area so large that clients have to constantly log on to a new access point during normal picking operations. To prevent signal drops during the roaming process, the controller also controls the authentication of the clients in the network. This means that a single logon is all that is needed for the fast-paced journey through the entire logistics hall. This improves signal quality and significantly reduces the data volume in the network. This is because the logon takes place via encrypted communication between the client and the network. In the old configuration, it was previously necessary to log on again at each individual access point - i.e. several times within a few meters.

Installation during ongoing picking operation

Because the booming retail chain's central warehouse is always open, the infrastructure had to be replaced during ongoing operations. What sounds like a gamble already confirmed the quality of the new concept when the new hardware was installed. This is because the signal quality has continued to improve with each additional new device. In order to be able to use overlap-free channels at every position in the logistics facility, EIKONA Logistics also activated the lower 2.4 GHz frequency in addition to the 5 GHz frequency. The high quality of the LANCOM access points has a positive effect on network performance. This is because the devices can supply up to 100 clients simultaneously with a stable signal.

Based on the positive experience gained at the Krefeld facility, EIKONA Logistics then also equipped Fressnapf's second central warehouse in Feuchtwangen with the same technology - again during ongoing order picking. There, 53 access points are in use on approximately 30,000 square meters. In addition, a second controller can replace its counterpart in Krefeld in real time in the event of faults, and vice versa. With this geo-redundant design, Fressnapf additionally safeguards the signal quality. Nevertheless, the networks at both locations continue to function even in the event of a total controller failure - with such minor performance restrictions that they would hardly be noticeable to users.

Five years of investment security

To ensure a sustainable investment for Fressnapf, EIKONA Logistics has agreed a warranty extension to five years with German hardware manufacturer LANCOM. The extension also covers spare parts and device availability. The LANCOM Platinum Partner also monitors the system via fully automatic monitoring and carries out regular hardware maintenance. In the event that one of the access points needs to be replaced, EIKONA Logistics sends a new device directly to Fressnapf as an advance replacement and then settles the damage with the manufacturer. With these additional safeguards, the system house has put together an all-round carefree package that offers Fressnapf five years of investment security.

The advantages for logistics

  • Integration during ongoing operation
  • Outstanding performance and network stability
  • Uncomplicated hardware maintenance
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WiFi for logistics halls

Nowadays, the Internet has become irreplaceable in all areas of life, especially in companies. In logistics halls, more and more terminal devices such as laptops, scanners and printers work via the network. This makes it all the more important to ensure interference-free WiFi. Each type of building has its own special requirements that must be taken into account when planning WiFi. In halls, for example, these include changing stock or narrow aisles. Therefore, careful planning with illumination must be carried out in advance of the WiFi implementation.

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