New IT platform for 24plus

Stefan Seufert, CTO/Vorstand EIKONA AG
24plus uses cubit24, the EIKONA Enterprise Platform, for the first time in the forwarding network.

New IT platform for 24plus

The general cargo network 24plus has been using the EIKONA Enterprise Platform as a new data hub, dubbed cubit24, since October. The network manages all operational tasks and is progressively optimising data sharing between the alliance partners and their customers. Numerous modules from the EIKONA Logistics Cloud will be implemented by the end of 2022, including EIKONA Track and Trace for shipment tracking.

We jointly decided to implemente individual functions in a stepwise fashion so that 24plus could put their new IT solution into operation sooner. This stepwise approach is only possible because of the modular structure of the EIKONA Logistics Cloud. In addition to shipment tracking, the project will begin by overhauling Prolog, the 24plus tool for procurement management. We will then develop a unique solution based on 24plus's USPs that the depots will use to satisfy the alliance's requirements, largely using their own software.

Trend-setting project

The next step is to start customising the hub software, which will optimise how the three hubs operate in the network. We then work out the functions for freight service billing, pallet management and automatic reporting. The modules are always published within the alliance as soon as they are completed. All the functions and processes will be completed by the end of 2022. By executing cubit24, 24plus is taking an important step towards more efficient communication with customers and other partners. "We are increasing our process transparency and making the data more easily accessible to all our stakeholders," explained Reiner Joseph, IT Coordinator at 24plus and a key project team member. "For us, cubit24 is much more than an IT project. We're joinly moving into the future as a network, all pulling in the same direction – it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."