Hartmann International launches new customer portal

Stefan Seufert, CTO/Vorstand EIKONA AG
Logistician of Hartmann International works in the new digital customer portal provided by EIKONA Logistics

All information in one central platform

All freight forwarding customers can benefit from getting information faster and more conveniently. That’s why EIKONA Logistics implemented a new customer portal for CargoLine partner Hartmann International that does just that.

The new platform offers the logistics service provider's customers convenient access to all service requests: entering orders, tracking shipments, managing inventory, evaluating shipping and logistics orders, retrieving documents from the document archive. The customer portal can be configured to suit the needs of different customers, especially in contract logistics.

The logistics service provider's customers benefit from the ability to obtain all the service information they need from a single portal. They no longer have to switch back and forth between multiple systems. In addition to a quick status overview of six different transport phases from order receipt to delivery, the new fully integrated service platform also offers a dashboard with current reports. It is connected to all the important data sources in freight forwarding and logistics. The sales department sits down with customers to determine what information to provide on the online portal. In addition to the functions used by Hartmann, EIKONA Logistics has integrated Microsoft's Power BI software into the interface and provides preconfigured reports that are populated with real-time data on the fly. "The customer portal that we implemented for Hartmann International combines transparent real-time customer service with a significant workload reduction for service staff," said EIKONA CEO Bastian Späth.

EIKONA customer portal