Emergency app for CargoLine

Smartphone with emergency app open for logistics and transport.

IT emergency concept for the CargoLine transport & logistics network

Hardly a day goes by without the media reporting on cyber attacks on companies. Many logistics service providers have also been affected. Reason enough for CargoLine to proactively develop a concept that safeguards the operation of the network.

Cyber risks are particularly explosive for freight forwarding networks. After all, all partner companies have to exchange a lot of data with each other every day to enable trouble-free transports. If IT fails at one of the sites, the challenge for the others is to avoid being hit hard by the effects themselves. After all, congested transshipment halls severely disrupt the rhythm of the network. Together with CargoLine, our developers around our technical director Stefan Seufert have now implemented an emergency concept to avoid this risk. It consists of technical and organizational measures that enable the continuation of digital shipment processing even in the event of a total system failure. The core of the backup solution is an emergency plan, smartphones with an emergency app as a scanner replacement as well as the EIKONA Enterprise Platform (called OCTOBUS at CargoLine) with the shipment tracking EIKONA Track and Trace (CargoLine name Cepra) as a central redundant database. This makes the cooperation the first forwarding association in Germany to implement a comprehensive business continuity concept.

If business-critical systems such as the TMS fail, CargoLine members can now continue to scan packages via the specially programmed emergency app based on Android or iOS and thus store the transport status in the network's shared infrastructure. For orders that are not yet available in digital form, we have also extended the EIKONA Track and Trace with a simple option for data collection. Via the photo function of the mobile software, the handling team also has the possibility to transfer shipment labels to office staff, who quickly and pragmatically fill in missing information at PC workstations with keyboards.

Exercises at any location

With the concept and the emergency app, freight forwarders in the CargoLine network can now assume that their production capability will be maintained at all times. To ensure that this protection proves effective, all locations in the network conduct regular drills in accordance with the cooperation's guidelines. "Just like with the fire department, the teams train for IT emergencies so that every move fits as a matter of course when needed," explains Stefan Seufert. He also recommends storing a printed emergency document with contact phone numbers and access data to the backup solution in a safe place. "After all, the plan should work even in the event of a total failure of the IT infrastructure.