Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM) monitors the supply chain

Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM) is a concept for controlling logistics processes. The aim is to reduce logistics costs. This is because logistics is a central component of the value chain of products. To optimise it, it is important to avoid disruptions in the supply chain. Therefore, the process managers monitor logistics performance with tracking and tracing software along the process chain. If deviations occur, they have the task of quickly developing alternative courses of action to limit the effects. The use of an SCEM serves the purpose of identifying events that lead to deviations from the planned logistics processes. With this system, supply chain managers gain the opportunity to intervene in time before disruptions in the processes occur. Through this event-oriented rescheduling, they stabilise the logistics chain and correct errors. In this way, they prevent disruptive events from having an impact on logistics costs. This information system makes it possible to maintain delivery reliability and thus reduces the complexity of supply chain management (SCM). It ensures process transparency, enables so-called management by exception - i.e. intervention only in exceptional cases - and thus creates the basis for extensive automation of logistics processes.

Who benefits from supply chain event management?

The more complex the logistics chains and the higher the speed of the logistics processes, the greater the benefit of SCEM for those responsible for the process. In the automotive industry, for example, it is common practice to deliver supplier parts just-in-time or just-in-sequence in order to keep capital tied up in material buffers to a minimum. Delays in the supply chain therefore have a direct impact on production. It is therefore urgently necessary to notice deviations at an early stage in order to provide production planners with alternative courses of action for the supply of parts. In extreme cases, the use of an SCEM can prevent a production standstill. The software makes it possible to reschedule the processes in good time.

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