Digital order management turns many processes into one

In the age of digitalisation, orders between customers and companies are communicated, processed, documented and invoiced electronically, not on paper. Digitalisation has also found its way into order management. Web-based order management systems (OMSs) are software solutions for recording, tracking and processing purchase orders and managing all the customer orders along the supply chain. OMSs are based on the idea of forming an automated process by integrating work processes that are technically separate, but still inevitably linked to one another.

Process participants and functions

Using digital order management for coordination lets resources be employed more effectively. Companies save time, manpower and ultimately money with OMSs. Efficient processes also translate into better customer satisfaction. OMSs take a look at the entire supply chain: from managing the customer's order to fulfillment. Order management is not an isolated process. Everyone involved in the supply chain is connected to order management and fulfillment via interfaces. That includes customer service, warehouse management, accounting or even affiliated partner companies that have been integrated. The more effectively order management is integrated into the overall management of an organisation's workflows, the more internal resources it can free up that can be used for innovation and further development.

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