What are Managed Services?

Managed services generally refer to the provision and operation of IT systems. These are provided and maintained by an external service provider, the so-called managed services provider, in return for a usage fee. Depending on the user agreement, the IT offering ranges from hosting services to the provision of complete Internet access including servers and the provision of the necessary IT security. The service offering can include the provision of various software, including operating systems, right through to the entire hardware. Managed services can therefore be highly customized to customer requirements and often include complete maintenance of software and hardware in addition to operation. Depending on their needs, customers can outsource parts or all of their company's IT to the managed services provider. In addition to Managed Services for IT, there are also Managed Services for other services. Telephone communications or a call center can also be outsourced from the customer's own company with little effort and purchased as a managed service from a service provider as required.

The advantages of Managed Services

One of the main advantages of managed services is that outsourcing allows costs to be calculated transparently and services can be scaled up or down very easily. However, there are also other advantages that are particularly relevant for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

  • There is no need to run an in-house IT department.
  • The managed services provider guarantees IT security.
  • Experts from the managed services provider are available at all times.
  • Systems and data are documented and archived externally.
  • Problems are prevented by proactive monitoring.
  • Monthly billing eliminates the need for long-term capital commitment.

Managed services in logistics

Logistics service providers benefit from managed services providers that specialize in their business sector. They can rely on the specific industry know-how of the company providing the service. With this knowledge, it can also offer specific hardware in addition to industry software, for example. Barcode scanners for warehouse management, which are centrally deployed via mobile device management. If the provider also provides telephone communications as managed services, the company often additionally offers industry-specific trained personnel for use in a call center.

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