What is a Business Continuity Management System or BCM software?

A business continuity management system or BCM software helps organisations to be prepared for and respond to interruptions to business operations. The business continuity management system plays a central role in the development of a strategy for continuity management or incident management. This strategy ensures that critical business processes can continue even in the event of emergencies such as cyber attacks. The aim of a business continuity system is to increase a company's resilience, minimise downtime and enable business operations to resume as quickly as possible.

A business continuity management system or BCM software provides tools for planning, documenting and simulating business continuity plans (so-called plan for business continuity). They enable risk analyses to be carried out, recovery strategies to be developed and emergency exercises to be simulated. In addition, a BCM software / business continuity management system can send alerts in real time and has a central dashboard that provides an overview of the status of business processes and recovery measures. A business continuity management system therefore ensures a rapid response in the event of a crisis.

Looking to create a business continuity plan? A BCM software solution can help you achieve this.

BCM software acts as business continuity plan software, as it contains all the tools needed to create a detailed business continuity plan for every conceivable scenario. You can use BCM software to work out how to protect critical processes in logistics or production, for example.

If your ERP or TMS system fails, for example, you can keep your production facilities or logistics processes running by creating a secondary emergency system and switching to the secondary system, i.e. the business continuity management system, at short notice. In logistics, the warehouse is very quickly overloaded if your TMS fails. Goods cannot be dispatched because, for example, the stock in the warehouse has to be reconciled manually or because you cannot create delivery notes electronically? With the help of BCM software, you can remedy these problems by integrating a second inventory database (with a lower update frequency) and an emergency warehouse management system into the business continuity management system, in the event of an emergency.


A business continuity management system (BCM software) is a strategic tool that helps companies to be prepared for crises such as cyber attacks. It enables the continuation of critical business processes and aims to strengthen operational resilience to ensure a rapid response in the event of a crisis. A business continuity management system helps to create detailed emergency plans that ensure the protection of critical processes. By switching to a secondary emergency system, business continuity is thus maintained as part of continuity management.

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