Server systems for logistics

Go for high availability, fast access times, and scalable servers and storage – and lock in a clear competitive advantage.

Logistics in the cloud

The main reason to have smooth logistics workflows is that your IT resources are permanently ready and fully functional. Resources include applications, platforms and servers, which we also provide in the cloud across devices. Whether public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premise, we will find the best option for you and provide an all-in-one package for hosting and operation.

We employ highly available redundant systems at our certified data centre that will continue to work reliably even if individual components fail. That keeps your logistics processes running 365 days a year. Our comprehensive enterprise monitoring lets us watch all your devices and components at all times and respond proactively to resolve problems.

Server solutions

Software for server maintenance

Servers are the heart of a logistics company. They store all the data and information you use every day. Data loss usually has devastating effects in logistics since important information and sensitive data may vanish. That is why we provide tools for maintaining and servicing your servers as part of our server management package. Using our monitoring software, you can constantly collect all key performance indicators (KPIs) on processes, resource consumption, database utilisation and latency times to ensure trouble-free operations.

Prevention is better than the cure: professional server security

A successful cyber attack can quickly paralyse a logistics company. It can result in delays in the supply chain, extortion and contract penalties. Often, the hacked servers contain sensitive data that can wreak havoc in the wrong hands. That is why we protect your server systems against hacker attacks, viruses and unauthorised access by using a sophisticated backup and IT security solution.

Scalable storage management that suits your needs

Software-defined storage gives you access to a high-availability, high-performance storage solution. That lets you work faster and gives you a competitive advantage, especially for real-time requirements in logistics. A virtualisation layer handles all functions such as capacity provisioning, access protection and intelligent data placement. The best thing about about it: individual components can be mixed and matched across manufacturers without causing failures or decreased performance. In addition, we will warn you well in advance before your storage reaches its capacity limits and expand it simply and painlessly so that you can keep your logistics promises to your customers.

Data centre exertise
for logistics.

Hosting (server solutions) for mission-critical applications

It's a tough call: should mission-critical data be stored in the data centre (on-premise), should everything be moved to the cloud, or should the best of both worlds be combined to form a hybrid cloud strategy? We help you select the best operating model and assist in its planning and design. You can choose between hosting, housing or on-premise.

Monitoring and management of IT resources

Our client and server management service will keep your environments working reliably at all times. This includes operating system installations, software distribution and hardware and software inventories. However, we perform other tasks as part of central management as well: configurations, patch management, mobile device management, performance management and, of course, proactive monitoring.

The right storage solution for your logistics

You can quickly generate huge volumes of data in logistics. To manage these volumes securely and effectively without any drops in performance, you need the right storage solution to ensure seamless supply chain processes. That's why we offer managed storage as a service (STaaS) – a scalable, always available solution. AI monitors the state of your storage resources and proactively alerts you to potential faults. This drastically reduces system failures.

All-in-one solution!

  • Planning your IT strategy
  • Certified failure safety
  • Server monitoring and maintenance
  • Process monitoring through enterprise monitoring
  • Cloud computing
  • High-performance storage technology

VoIP phone systems

Modern phone systems in the German-engineered EIKONA cloud.

Full flexibility

Whether at home, on the road or at the office, you can make calls at any time with our phone system using traditional telephony functions such as call pickup, fax receiving and sending via PC and conferencing. We also support integration with Microsoft Teams.

One-click dialling and phone book

Create a personal company-wide phone book for your employees. That puts the most important phone numbers at everyone's fingertips. One-click dialling also lets you call numbers from websites, documents or emails with a single click.

Presence status with calendar link

The presence status immediately tells you which employees are currently available. The Outlook calendar is synchronised so you can even see when each employee's appointment ends.

Intelligent call routing

If you are not available, you can conveniently receive voicemails by email or configure custom forwarding rules. You can choose between permanent and conditional forwarding. You decide when the phone can start ringing, who can be called and how long it can ring.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of server outsourcing?

When companies outsource their servers, they immediately reap the benefits of integrated, automated data backup and recovery. There may also be virtually no downtime, depending on the type of data centre, provided that the server is mirrored at least once, i.e. the backup server steps in if a problem occurs. Also, data centres are better protected from hacking attacks and viruses. Server outsourcing is suitable for companies undergoing rapid growth and start-ups whose growth rate is still uncertain. Outsourcing provides highly versatile and scalable IT with monthly billing as needed.

What about data security and failure safety at the data centre?

At regular intervals, you can read in the logistics press that system failures have paralysed this or that company for several hours or even days. A medium catastrophe for those affected and an important topic. As a rule, a data centre offers a particularly high level of fail-safety from a certain level - one speaks of so-called tiers. This is because the servers are redundant: If one fails, the other takes over. The downtimes are minimal.