Wireless ePaper Displays - modern room signage for companies

Stefan Seufert, CTO/Vorstand EIKONA AG
Employees sitting at meeting table in meeting room which is signposted with Wireless ePaper Display

Wireless ePaper Displays from LANCOM enable the most modern form of signage. The ePaper can be centralised and radio-controlled with the desired and individual content. This is reflected in the wide range of applications for the LCD screens, for example as signage for conference rooms, offices, treatment rooms or as electronic price and information signs.

How ePaper displays work

The management and monitoring of the Wireless ePaper Displays is carried out via the powerful LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server including an interface (API) for the connection of calendar management and merchandise management systems. This makes it possible to see at a glance whether a treatment room, meeting room or training room is occupied or free.

The ePaper signs communicate with the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server via a common LANCOM access point. After registering the individual displays within the management interface, they are ready to receive data.

The control of the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays is based on an innovative radio technology with extremely low power consumption. Similar to an eBook reader, power is only consumed as soon as the display is changed. Power is supplied by a replaceable battery. With an average number of four display changes per day, the average battery life, according to the manufacturer, is 5 - 7 years.

Due to the wireless transmission of the display data, the battery-operated displays can be used practically anywhere. The display options in red, black and white allow specific highlights to be set. This makes them a real eye-catcher and enhances any environment. The displays, which are available in three sizes, are suitable for daylight thanks to their high contrast, are flicker-free and can be easily recognised from any viewing angle, and are fully graphics-capable.

Automated conference room labelling

In many companies, ePaper displays are used for dynamic labelling of meeting rooms. For this purpose, a direct connection to the calendar management system can be implemented via Microsoft Exchange. When an appointment is made, the respective meeting room is simply added as the event location. The meeting rooms can be configured in Microsoft Exchange in such a way that they automatically book the time slot for the scheduled meeting if it is not occupied in the calendar.

The entered appointments can be automatically transferred to the respective displays as current or follow-up appointments on the corresponding day. In addition, the signs show "no reservation" if a meeting room is not booked. The information to be shown on the displays can be freely defined, e.g. name of the company, meeting subject, booking time, organiser etc.

A small display on which room reservations are being shown.

Further application examples of ePaper Displays

The principle can be applied analogously to dynamic shelf labels. The ePaper Displays are connected to the company's merchandise management system and the current prices as well as the designation and other information are displayed on the screens.

If the ePaper Displays are used as office signs, the labels can be static and not automatic. The employee names with function can be easily adjusted via a web interface. This greatly reduces power consumption, as the battery is only used for synchronisation.

The benefits at a glance

  • Convenient, wireless updates via special LANCOM access points.
  • Available in three sizes: 7.4 inch, 4.4 inch and 2.7 inch
  • Daylight-readable and fully graphics-capable
  • Battery life of up to 5 - 7 years thanks to extremely low power consumption
  • Convenient display management via LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server
  • Ideal for connecting to calendar management and merchandise information systems
  • Stand and wall bracket as well as white and black interchangeable frame included in delivery


Making work easier through digitalisation

The ePaper Displays are an excellent way to digitise a wide variety of signage and transfer information automatically. Administrative or sales staff no longer have to adapt, print and use office or price signs. Meeting rooms automatically display the current appointment at any time. At EIKONA, we have been using the ePaper displays for years for the labelling of the offices as well as the conference rooms. The connection of a new ePaper as well as the adaptation of the display works easily and saves a lot of work. We even display information for customers about WLAN use on our ePaper displays, as the access data changes daily.

Stefan Seufert
Stefan Seufert

As a design guru, the software developer delves into logistics service providers' requirements like no other. He is passionate about exchanging information securely and efficiently and thus speeding up the physical logistics process.

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