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Bastian Späth, CEO/Vorstand EIKONA AG

Logistics revenue depends heavily on on-time delivery. Longer integrated transport chains are harder to keep track of. Our Customer Order Management module will work as a control centre, keep an eye on the individual legs for you and give you new management options.

Always up to date

Reliable control of just-in-sequence transports

logistics professionals have to monitor and control many intricately interlinked parameters when arranging transports over various legs of the journey on one or multiple transport modes. You need precise information – including current GPS position and estimated time of arrival (ETA) – to stay up to date and know the current status of each individual shipment and each item in it. This is an essential step for reliably managing just-in-sequence transports.

Current event messages

Our Customer Order Management portal combines all key information in one solution. It helps in selecting the most cost-effective production routes. And it monitors the progress of each individual leg: our supply chain event management flags deviations from the plan and automatically messages the recipients you have selected. This allows your scheduling department to find alternatives if a shipment can no longer make it to its destination on time. Our software employs GPS sensors that can track different types of traffic, including rail, in addition to our own GPS monitoring apps. That keeps ETA calculations up to date. When certain waypoints are reached, the geofencing system automatically triggers a new status. Just-in-sequence transports are thus controlled nearly autonomously with the kind of precision that optimises your returns.

Bastian Späth
Bastian Späth

As a college-educated computer scientist, Bastian Späth understands how IT solutions are developed from the ground up. For more than 15 years, he has spent every workday collecting requirements, finding ideas, developing designs, setting up projects and getting them safely across the finish line.

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