IT platform simplifies
data exchange between partners

EIKONA supports CargoLine as it digitalises its logistics

CargoLine trucks at ramps in a loading yard.
  • Simple user interface
  • Flexible services
  • Developmental quantum leap in digitalisation

CargoLine uses the EIKONA Enterprise Platform to digitalise its processes, ensuring smooth processes between all participating partners. The central IT platform serves as a data hub for digitalisation.

What was the data exchange challenge for CargoLine?

CargoLine, one of Germany's largest general cargo alliances, puts a high priority on optimising the utilisation of its partners' trucks. The network of independent freight forwarders has modernised its operations platform in order to control shipments and general cargo transports perfectly. One of its goals was to further simplify data sharing among alliance partners. Also, the network wanted to modernise its system architecture, employ flexible services and prepare further upgrades to its own range of services.

Solution: platform architecture for digital services

We designed the entire architecture and developed most of the services for the new Octobus platform. The project's goals and our tasks in it included opening up the work system for third-party applications and gaining the ability to quickly connect other vendors' software. That is why bus technology and representational state transfer application programming interfaces (REST APIs) are central elements of Octobus. Both allow web-based services to be used for processing data. This approach enables the use of a central clearing application for managing internal billing between the service providers. The application was programmed by Iovavum, an Austrian software developer.

One of our key goals was to achieve a developmental quantum leap with Octobus and get even better prepared for digitalisation. We handily achieved both goals.
Sebastian Grollius
Head of IT and Project Management at CargoLine

Result: simple user interface and single sign-on for many applications

The alliance was also keen for the solution to be easy to use. Employees of connected freight forwarders can now access solutions for different areas through the front-end with only one log-in – such as intuitive EIKONA Track and Trace, EIKONA Order Management as well as EIKONA Notification for B2C deliveries. "One of our key goals was to achieve a developmental quantum leap with Octobus and get even better prepared for digitalisation. We handily achieved both goals," said Sebastian Grollius, Head of IT and Project Management at CargoLine.

Logistics benefits

  • Central IT platform for many sub-areas
  • Secure collaboration between many freight forwarders
  • Innovative architecture for new logistics services
About the company

CargoLine GmbH

CargoLine is one of the largest general cargo networks in Germany. It offers standardised and systematised general cargo transports as well as services in distribution logistics, procurement logistics and contract logistics in Germany and Europe. Founded in 1993, the CargoLine network now comprises around 80 high-performance freight forwarding and logistics companies in 43 countries, ranging from Scandinavia and the CIS states to the Maghreb and from Portugal to the Middle East.

What does a general cargo alliance do?

Medium-sized freight forwarders who want to offer general cargo services throughout large territories often join together to form networks of independent companies. These general cargo alliances develop common products and processes, manage goods handling within the transport network and define the service quality that they guarantee to customers when transporting goods between the affiliated partners' locations. To manage their alliance, they usually use common IT systems for centrally exchanging data.

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